Products to Help You Kick The Winter Blues

The cold weather has arrived and with it comes a trying combination of dry air and blasts of heat — both of which can wreak havoc on your skin. We put together a list of our favorite skin and hair saving products to get you through a New York City winter.

Our favorite sheet masks hydrate and restore skin’s moisture. It’s also a great way to spend a cold evening in curled up on the couch with your favorite show. Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Mask is an ultra-hydrating face mask that moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin. This mask contains allantoin, marine collagen, chamomile flower water, and witch hazel to provide the skin continuous moisture. DR. JART+ Ceramidin Facial Mask is also a great sheet mask and is made of natural fibers. It’s the ideal dry skin SOS, as it imparts and seals critical moisture to visibly improve skin’s texture, smoothness, and appearance.

Dry, cracked lips are an unfortunate reality when the temperature drops. Protect your lips during the day with Insert. For extra protection make sure you use one with SPF like Nivea Lip Sun SPF 30 or ChapStick Sun Defense SPF 25. To repair lips, use a lip mask at night. Try Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, a leave-on lip mask that soothes and moisturizes for smoother, more supple lips overnight. It is also formulated without parabens and phthalates.

Itchy scalps and hair breakage from hats during the winter months can be avoided by changing up your hair cleansing routine. A sulfate free and moisture packed shampoo + conditioner should be your first defense against dry, brittle hair. Here are 9 moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duos for the winter, click here!

Gloves offer the best protection for your hands in the winter but you can go a step further by treating your hands to a weekly mask for extra hydration. Karuna’s Hydrating+ Hand Mask  offers so much more than lotion or cream does on its own. It replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier, promotes elasticity and relieves dry skin. Don’t forget about your feet: PediSpa Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask are wearable foot masks which moisturize dry, cracked feet.

What are some of your favorite products for the winter? Leave a comment below.