Testimonial Time: Angela Delvecchio



We often get letters from happy buyers thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here are two great letters from buyers about agent Angela Delvecchios hard work paying off! 

Angela is exceptional! Buying a co-op in NYC is a very long and unpleasant process at times, especially when you are working in another state and don’t have a lot of time on your hands. But Angela was very patient with us, she was quick to respond and made the process simple, we only had to travel to NYC for the board interview and the closing. Angela will also help you find a good real estate attorney if you need one. Overall our experience was great! If you are a busy professional and don’t want to deal with the hustle of buying an apartment in NYC but want to close on an apartment in short period of time go with Angela.” -Nina K

-Studio, Midtown East, 336k


“Angela Del Vecchio is a consummate professional. She is hardworking and dedicated to her craft. She listens to clients’ needs and works diligently to match sellers property and buyers criteria. Formerly working together in the apparel industry, I find these same skills and dedication applied in Angela’s Real Estate career. Angela gets the job done from list to close and I never hesitate to refer her to clients searching in NYC” – Antoinette Iemma

-Studio, Midtown East, 336k

What Apartments Can I Buy With a Terrace?

Bond Sales Manager of the Year, Stacey Max, shows us what apartments are for sale right now that have wonderful terraces and are perfect for the snow!

High Floor One Bedroom with Private terrace –  Murray Hill 



Area: Murray Hill
Location: 3rd & 2nd Avenue
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Price: $800,000
Maintenance: $ 1,942
Percent Deductible: 62%


Gorgeous New Penthouse with Massive Terrace – Williamsburg


Area: Williamsburg
Location: Montrose Avenue
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Price: $824,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 19
CC: $ 420

Stunning Two Bedroom Penthouse with Two Terraces – East Harlem



Area: East Harlem
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5
Approx. Size:
1,188 sq.ft. (110 sq.mt.)
Price: $1,025,000
Maintenance: $ 1,394
Percent Deductible: 34%

What Lofts Can You Rent Downtown Right Now?

Rental manager Adjina Dekidjiev  shows us what downtown lofts can be rented right now!

Huge Spacious High Ceiling Loft – Seaport 


Area: Seaport
Location: Front & South Street
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: LOFT
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $5,000


Beautiful Downtown Loft – Lower East Side/Chinatown


Area: Lower East Side/Chinatown
Location: Grand St & Hester St
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: Loft
Bathrooms: 1
Approx. Size:
1,200 sq.ft. (112 sq.mt.)
Rent: $6,000


Gorgeous  Loft with Skylights and Exposed Brick – Soho 


Area: SoHo
Location: Spring & Prince Street
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $8,500



How to Furnish Your Space Like a New Yorker: Why Convertible Furniture is a New Yorker’s Best Friend

how to furnish apt like ny_er


By Guestblogger BoConcepts


With the average size of a New York City studio apartment at 550 square feet, it’s no surprise that New Yorkers are incredibly space conscious. Enter: convertible furniture. Convertible furniture – or multi-purpose furniture – are often the most important pieces for small living spaces. Because of their multi-tasking functionality, they’re worth the extra investment. Here are some top picks for convertible furniture pieces for your Manhattan apartment:


Bed/Storage Unit

One of the easiest ways to create extra storage space in a bedroom is by buying a bed that doubles as a storage unit! Under-bed storage solutions with other built-in drawers and hidden compartments are ideal for small bedrooms. Use it to store your seasonal clothes, shoes, or even handbags!


Coffee Table/Dining Table

A big new trend, coffee tables that convert into dining tables are becoming ubiquitous in Manhattan furniture stores. Look for a convertible coffee/dining table with existing hardware because it will last longer. This kind of mechanism is very crucial since a dining table needs to carry more weight than a coffee table! [Chiva coffee table]





Ottoman/Storage Unit

Who doesn’t like extra seating when entertaining guests, resting your feet while sitting on your favorite sofa and storing your belongings at the same time? Some ottomans allow you to flip the top and use it as a tray. Others simply feature a hollow interior where you can store those Blu-rays and remotes!  Ottomans or footstools are always small, so they’re easy to tuck away at the corner of your space and pull it out only when needed.

Image: Christopher Knight Home


Media Console/Dining Table

Many apartments in New York City have a small narrow hallway leading to the main living/dining area. If you do not have space for a dining area, I suggest you use that narrow entryway space to place a console table can convert into a dining table when it’s dinnertime! You can hide slim folding chairs inside your closet too! If your console table is low enough, you might even be able to use ottomans from your living area as chairs!

[Image: Horne ]





Barstool/Dining Chair

Many new developments feature an open kitchen layout. Some spaces are just too small to accommodate a dining area. To solve this typical New York apartment issue, you can try using bar stools around an open kitchen countertop and use either a console table or a coffee table that turns into a dining table! You can sometimes find bar stools that can be lowered to dining chair height. This kind of flexibility will allow you to turn a small space into a dining area in no time!


Wall/Storage Shelves/Desk

“Floating furniture” is the perfect trick for tiny spaces when you absolutely do not have any space for a desk or working area. Consider a wall-mounted desk if your living area is also your work area. Some wall-mounted desks even offer an “all-in-one” solution that integrates Bluetooth enabled speakers and storage space as well as easy cable management. You can also use add storage shelves on your wall, to display your books, hold your flower pots, or any other decorate knickknacks.
Convertible furniture is a smart, versatile and stylish solution for New Yorkers with small apartments.

For a great resource on space-saving, convertible furniture – check out BoConcept furniture stores (Five locations in NYC alone!).




How to Dress Your Windows Like a New Yorker: Guide to Basic Window Treatments

by Guestblogger Holzman InteriorsHolzman Interiors  is a full service interior design firm. From complete home renovations to furniture selection, Holzman Interiors does it all.

Window treatments are very important to have in your space–especially in NYC where buildings tend to be close together and oftentimes we can see into our neighbors’ apartment! They provide privacy, allow you to control light coming in and also provide a sense of completion to a designed space.  To avoid Peeping Toms with a sense of style and flair, here are a few different types of window treatment options for you to choose from:


Curtains – are the most popular and widely used window treatment option.   They come in different colors, patterns, fabrics.  They can be hung from a curtain rod or rings attached to a rod which are installed above a window frame.  There are many different ways to hang and drape your curtains and there are many different lengths to choose from as well.


Drapes – are similar to curtains but are normally made from a heavier, lined fabric and are hung from a traverse rod with a string for easy open and closing.  Drapes provide a more grander look and are usually found in formal type rooms.

Drapes Grand-Salon

Sheers – are most commonly used with curtains and drapes.  They are mostly used for decoration for they don’t provide privacy or light control.

Sheers elegant-contemporary-living-room-design-ideas-with-beautiful-vertical-sheers-luminette-wandcord-blinds-sliding-panel-window-and-glazed-doors-treatment-ideas-furniture-and-accessories-sliding-panel-int-565x452

Blinds – are also very popular and widely used.  They provide privacy and allow you to control light coming into your home.  They are made from wood, metal or vinyl and come in all different widths and lengths.

Blinds Interior_Design_4_Vue_6_0_img

Shutters – are normally made from wood and provide privacy and light control.  They also can open and close in a fashion similar to a door, therefore providing more options in allowing light in.

shutters hunter-douglas-interior-shutters-500

Shades – are another popular choice.  They regulate the amount of light that comes into your space and come in different types of styles and materials.  Some of these styles include, roman, pleated, solar, motorized, balloon and roller.

shades contemporary-window-blinds

Testimonial Time: Larry Franco



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Larry Franco’s hard work paying off! 

“Mr. Franco accompanied me throughout my apartment search, ferrying me from location to location with speed and an informative running commentary regarding the buildings, the management, the neighborhood, and New York in general. He also served as my principle contact once I had submitted an application and was always punctual and direct when on the phone, two qualities I admire in a salesman. As with with the rest of his team, Larry was knowledgeable and easy to get along with. He provided great, sincere opinions on each location and it never felt like I was being upsold or manipulated. He was very effective at making the spaces inviting and acknowledging the realities of any shortcomings in the building. During the hesitant decision-making process, Larry was supportive and encouraging, allowing me time to arrive at my own conclusion comfortably, while answering any of my questions and giving his opinion as a resident of the city. Larry and the team are invaluable assets to Bond and I appreciate the work they put into finding me a home. ” –Jonathan K

-Murray Hill, studio, $2100 

Eco-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

Eco-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

By Guestblogger, Jane Blanchard, Modernize is a place to gather home design ideas.



It’s not just the trendy thing to do, but helps the Earth thrive just a little bit longer. Eco-friendly decorating is the latest craze that should stay around a bit. Imagine using sustainable materials for decor that are actually more attractive than their polluting cousins. Everyone should sign up for this decorating class. Go over some of these alternatives for your apartment to give Earth just a small hug in return for its awesome natural environment.


Illuminate with LED Lighting


Via Houzz

This decorator has the right idea: put LED lighting everywhere. From all-white to a blue hue, LED or light emitting diodes are actually electronic components turned light bulbs. They stand out from the lighting pack, however, with incredible cost savings. You end up using less electricity and fossil fuels to generate that power. Don’t you feel better already? Add lights at kitchen stool level and above the island to achieve this look. Even the stove hood gets into the act with LEDs.



Container Trees Inside the Home


Via Houzz

Okay, you don’t have to have towering trees in your home, but add plants throughout to naturally clean the air. Don’t buy those monthly air fresheners that cost a lot in fossil fuel just to deliver them to each retail store. You don’t smell them after a day anyway. Pick foliage plants that thrive in shady conditions. They can be tall, like this floor plant, or try out small containers on a mantel or table.


Switch Wood for Bamboo


Via Houzz

The traditional thought when purchasing a dining room table set is always wood. Throw out this unfriendly idea and make the Earth happy with a sustainable bamboo furniture set. As one of the fastest growing grasses on Earth, bamboo is constantly available and incredibly strong as a furniture material. Use it indoors and outdoors, just like this example chair. They can be painted or sealed depending on your decor theme. Add a cushion for a more luxurious feel if you like.



Recycle Those Counters


Via Houzz

Granite and marble are so last year. Give your visitors something to talk about with a recycled glass countertop. Made from glass shards from almost any old material, each counter has its own unique appearance. It’s impossible to have a neighbor with a matching decor, allowing you to have the most eco-friendly and eclectic kitchen on the block. Differing colors are usually available to give the space a cohesive look without harming the environment by removing more new materials from the Earth.

Use Colorful Organic Bed Linens


Via Houzz

You’ve heard people talk about organic sheets where they’re better for your health, but the price may have made you cringe for just plain old white linens. Contribute to a clean manufacturing world by purchasing organic sheets in more than just white. Every color under the sun is possible, such as these subtle striped selections. Sheet makers don’t use harmful chemicals to produce the sheets and the cotton itself is void of farming pesticides. You contribute greatly to the Earth with smart decor purchases.

Sustainable materials doesn’t mean “boring” or “ugly.” Luckily, you live in a time where today’s technology can recycle and create a brand new chair or counter out of used parts. Look around an eco-friendly boutique one day to see the next wave of recycled products. You may be surprised at the next new invention to decorate the home.



Amazing Commercial Space Available for Lease in Astoria, Queens

BOND agent Jennifer Rouse has an exclusive for lease on 7000 sq. ft. of commercial space in Astoria for $12,000/mo.
721837_11575543 721837_11537330 721837_11537331
This entire mixed use building for rent offers two stories of retail or office space and full basement. 
LARGE AND IN CHARGE COMMERCIAL SPACE RIGHT ON STEINWAY AND 30TH Avenue at: 28-49 Steinway Street. It is versatile and delivered white box, all uses considered. 10 year lease term. Taxes are $42,000. Water bill is $100 every 3 months.

Testimonial Time: Clayton Gurnett



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Clayton Gurnett’s hard work paying off!

“Clay did a great Job. My family and I just moved from France and we needed to find a place quickly in this new city that we don’t know at all. His advice was clear and very helpful. He perfectly understood our needs and compared to other brokers that we met, he suggested to change a bit of our expectations. We definitely feel at home in our new apartment thanks to him. We would have probably not found  something nearly as good as the property we have today—thanks to him. He did a really great job and always available even during the weekend!”

-Upper West Side, Two Bedroom Duplex, $3500


Agent Poll: What Are Your Favorite Places in Harlem?

Today agent Michael King shares his top hotspots to visit in Harlem:

Living on the west side of Harlem has been a JOY the last few years. More and more people are coming uptown and of course there goes the rents too! However with all of the influx, we have a lot of great new eateries as well as places to shop.



LIDO - 2168 Frederick Douglass Boulevard


With famed chef Serena Bass at the helm the food is always amazing. It’s a great place to go after you close that deal in Harlem - great food and very consistent.

Maison Harlem - 341 Saint Nicholas Avenue 


Amazing French Bistro located at 127th and Saint Nicholas Avenue right as you exit the A train

Red Rooster310 Lenox Avenue

Red Rooster Harlem "Grade Pending" sign

We LOVE Marcus Samuelson and his eats! After dinner we pop downstairs to dance with the hotties. Always a good time, especially Friday and Saturday nights.

Dinosaur BBQ - 700 West 125th Street 


This is our local BBQ joint and it is AMAZING.

Harlem Tavern2153 Frederick Douglas Blvd


Kick back a beer in the summer outside or in and watch a game or two with friends – also busy in the winter

*New to the neighborhood – Wholefoods is opening on the corner of 125 and Lennox. It will be one of its biggest stores (39,000 sq feet) set to open in 2015.