Testimonial Time: Michael Gershfeld


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Michael Gershfeld‘s hard work paying off!

“Mike is an amazing agent. He was very responsive of our needs. He gave my roommate and I great options and fulfilled our “shopping list.” Mike is exceptionally patient and willing to work with you. Very hands on and professional. Made himself available at all times – is really there for you as a customer. Kudos to Mike!”

-Alex Z

Upper west side, 2BR, $2350


What Neighborhood in Manhattan Can You Find the Most Properties for Sale?

Sales Manager Stacey Max tells us that according to OLR, right now, the neighborhood in Manhattan that currently has the most properties for sale is the Financial District with 303.
Here are three great FiDi properties available via BOND right now. 
Sharp One Bedroom Condo – Financial District 
742005_11800037 (1)
Area: Financial District
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Approx. Size:
766 sq.ft. (71 sq.mt.)
Price: $975,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 129
CC: $ 1,004
Triple Mint Condition, Move in Ready – Financial District
Area: Financial District
Location: PLATT ST.
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Approx. Size:
1,080 sq.ft. (100 sq.mt.)
Price: $1,250,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
CC: $ 1,143


Exquisitely Designed Luxury Condo – Financial District

Area: Financial District
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Rooms: 6
Approx. Size:
2,520 sq.ft. (234 sq.mt.)
Price: $4,300,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 2,100
CC: $ 3,748
Down payment: 20%

Testimonial Time: Pawel Ciecwierz


We often get letters from happy buyers thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a buyer about agents Pawel Ciecwierz‘s hard work paying off! 

“Hands down, Pawel is one of the best sales agents in NYC. Professional, knowledgeable, respectful, amiable, the list of quality features is endless. We have been looking for a condo for six months and worked with several agents (all amassing to nothing, unfortunately) before meeting Pawel. He was a breathe of fresh air! He was incredibly patient and never pushed his opinions onto us, and never pressured us to submit an offer we weren’t comfortable with. His guidance and knowledge is unmatched and provided us a referral for an amazing law firm. He was incredibly flexible with his time and energy. Without a doubt, I have no hesitation in referring him to all of our friends and colleagues. We can’t wait to work with him again in another few years, but until then, we have the utmost gratitude for him as we begin to settle down in our new home. Thank you, Pawel!”

-JGao, MD

~ Midtown East, 1BR, 850K

How to Plan a Wedding Like a New Yorker

By Bree Perlman and Clementine Delannoy


For all the newly engaged, what could be more exciting than to say “I do” in the city that never sleeps? As exhilarating as that may sound, planning a wedding is nerve-wracking–even for a couple gifted with exceptional organization skills–especially if you are on a rather small budget. How do you choose from the panel of options the NYC has to offer? How can you organize your dream wedding in one of the most expensive cities in the world? We have come up with guidelines that can help you plan the big day and provide you with tips that suggest how you can reduce its costs.
• Set up a budget


  • Before organizing anything, have an idea of how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding.
  • It might be useful to make a list of the various expenses.
  • Be ready to make compromises if you are on a tight budget.
  • For example, if you want to rent a very expensive venue,
  • you might have to reduce the number of guests.

• Timing is Key
The costs of your wedding might vary considerably depending
on the time of the year you decide to celebrate it.

In New York, the most popular months for weddings are May, June, September, and October, and they usually take place on Saturdays. You might therefore consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday during December or March for example.

• Choose the Perfect Location

To help you find the ideal venue in no time, we recommend the website: Wedding Spot/. It offers a variety of venues for all tastes and budgets. Coming from this website, our top picks are:


wedding 4

wedding 5

If you have an unlimited budget, the Mandarin Oriental- Lincoln Square, the Rainbow Room- Midtown, and the StandardMeatpacking District represent some of the most elegant and elevated places in New York.

Tip 1: It is convenient and time-saving to rent a venue that offers catering services.

Tip 2: Realistic budget ≈ venue costs (including catering) * 2

Tip 3: If you are looking for more affordable venues, there are some beautiful places outside of Manhattan such as Leonard’s Pallazo- Long Island ($10,983-$16,414) and Grand Prospect Hall- Park Slope.

• Make and Send the Invitations
Make sure that you prepare and send the invitations months in advance so that people put you up on their calendar first!
Tip: It has become increasingly common to create invitations electronically. They are much cheaper than paper invitations. You can save Save 90% of the cost when using electronic invites rather than paper ones!

• Décor and Music
If you hire a wedding planner, she should be able to create the décor of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception as you envisioned it in your head. However, if you decide to work alone, here are some tips:
Tip 1: The flowers you choose should be in season, unless there are going to be much more expensive than usual.

Tip 2: We would suggest you do the flower yourself because florists usually costly. You can
find some of the best flowers in Chelsea neighborhood.

Tip 3: You do not have to buy extravagant objects for the décor. Just buying numerous copies of only one item, such as a small plant, and positioning it at the same place on every table creates an aesthetic effect.

Considering the music, keep in mind that hiring a band is more expensive than a DJ. Of course, you can always create your own playlist, which is free!

• The Dress
We suggest two websites that offer a collection of designer wedding gowns: Once Wed  and Get the Gown . You can buy or rent used dresses starting at $100! We particularly loved these gorgeous gowns:

wedding 7

wedding 6








1.Oscar de la Renta: retail price $13,000 & rent price $1,650 (getthegown.com)
2.Vera Wang: retail price $4,370 instead of 7,290 (OnceWed.com)

• Photographer

Hiring a college student specializing in photography instead of a professional wedding photographer can be a smart move and save you around $1,000. There are some very talented people out there!

• Don’t Forget to Get Your Marriage License

In order to get married in the state of New York, you must obtain a Marriage License. The fee is $35, and you can find all the information about it on the Office of the City Clerk official website.


As final guidance about getting married in New York, here is some advice given by the talented wedding planner Cristina Verger. Cristina created her own event planning company 15 years ago, and it is now considered one of the best in the city.


-        What’s the biggest challenge for a couple when organizing a wedding themselves?

Except staying married you mean? (laugh) Well, you have to realize that a wedding is actually not only bringing two people together but two families, and that generates complications. There are often some tensions, and everyone has their own word to say about the wedding and its organization. It can become overly emotional for the couple.  For that reason among others, a wedding planner can come as a relief by making the decisions without being stressed out or compelled by exterior influences.

-          What’s the secret to a perfect wedding?

Because planning a wedding is an arduous and time-consuming process, the couple sometimes gets caught into the preparation of the big day and forgets the big picture. I believe it is primordial for the groom and the bride to be able to take a step back from the planning and concentrate on the fact that it is a marriage, not only a party. Also, I would like to add that there is nothing worse than a drunk bride!

-          Tell me something people usually ignore about organizing a wedding?

Funny enough, the wedding ends up not being about the bride and the groom, but about the guests. You can’t expect 200 people to show up for you without organizing a wedding that they will enjoy. You need to come up with some creative way of making your guests comfortable while doing something that expresses your personality. At the end of the day, the success of the party is reflected by how everybody is going to feel.

Serenity Now: How New Yorkers Can Create a Tranquil Home


by Guestblogger Lindsay MacRae, CID, IIDA, LEED GA
Lindsay MacRae Interiors

MacRae_Lindsay Portrait

Five Designer Tips for Creating a Tranquil Urban Home

After a long day, there’s nothing like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. With these five tips, you can create your own city retreat. You may even forget that the busy streets below you. 

Create a sense of order
It’s hard to relax amongst a room full of clutter. When there aren’t enough closets or built-ins in your home, incorporate furniture with storage. Add a beautiful armoire to a living room to store winter coats and boots in the off-seasons. Swap a traditional single-drawer nightstand for a dresser to conceal extra blankets, electronics, and nighttime reading material.

Separate work from relaxation
Since we live in a city where space is at a premium, many home offices find their way into the bedroom. If you find yourself in this setup, consider sectioning off the room. A folding screen can be a beautiful way to separate work from relaxation.

Introduce Elements of Nature
The serenity of nature is a much needed contrast in a city of concrete. Invoke nature through an art print, natural elements such as rattan, or by simply adding a plant or fresh flowers. For something more relaxed, consider incorporating reclaimed wood, bamboo, or seagrass.

#3 - A reclaimed wood table brings a natural, rustic element to a modern kitchen #3 - Seagrass baskets serve as storage and add a beachy element to this vestibule #3 - Succulents bring a natural element to a desk and require minimal care

Choose Soothing colors
Neutral colors have a calming effect and grays are some of the most versatile neutrals. Use subtle variations of the same hue to keep things calm. To ground the room, use a darker shade on base boards and trim. Paint walls a lighter shade and let it run up to the ceiling to make it feel higher and lighter.

Fill your home with relaxing scents
Scents are a sure way to create a certain mood or invoke a fond memory. For a soothing atmosphere, introduce natural scents that are indicative of the season. Try layering floral fragrances with citrus or woodsy notes.

BOND New York Announces Exclusive Rental Development Name: The Rose Modern


BOND New York, www.bondnewyork.com, a full service real estate brokerage firm with seven offices in Manhattan, and the official marketing and leasing agent of developer Golden Asset’s 82 unit, 20 story new rental development located at 501 East 74th Street has announced the building has been officially named.

The building will officially be called The Rose Modern, in honor of the developers’ mother, Rosa.


In addition, the firm has released the official top off picture:




From Left to Right,: Rick Eng (SBJ), TS Yong (SBJ), Morgan Tinney (SBJ), Herbert Weber (SBJ), Brandon Hall (KSK), Benjamin Ohebshalom (GA), Ali Churuk (KSK), Dr. Robert Ohebshalom (GA), Alberto De Los Snatos (KSK), Jonathan Ohebshalom (GA), Bruno Ricciotti(Bond), Kelley Marie Brine (GA), Douglas Wagner (Bond), Lindsay Jahnig (GA)


SBJ is Stephen B. Jacobs Group Architects, KSK is KSK Construction, GA is Golden Asset, the developer.

Currently, BOND is planning the marketing and initial leasing campaign, which is expected to launch during the summer of 2015.

For all leasing information call Douglas Wagner at 212-582-2009 x 217 or douglas@bondnewyork.com

How to Find a Pet Like a New Yorker: 5 Best Breeds for NYC Living

by guestblogger Bree Perlman


New Yorkers love their dogs, but having one in the city can be tricky. We reached out to some pet experts and a few New York pet owners to find out what are the five best breeds for living in a New York City apartment.

1.      Yorkshire Terriers. According to rover.com they are the “quintessential apartment breed: small, quiet, friendly, and adaptable.” They are also super easy to transport. You can adopt one at Yorkie 911 Rescue which has many that have been rescued from puppy mills.  Caitlin Kinney of Trupanion, a company that provides medical insurance for cats and dogs says the nice thing about smaller breeds is that they tend to be “healthier and thus less costly when it comes to medical expenses and pet medical insurance.”  

2.      French Bulldog. French Bulldogs rank number one in popularity for New York City Dog owners according to Kinney, French Bulldogs are “big dogs in small packages” that are perfect for busy New Yokers. They “don’t need a lot of exercise and are medium to low energy level, can be taught to use an indoor potty or to go to the bathroom outside.” They are also great for those with thin walls as they are “not big barkers.”  Other small dogs that that rank in the top 10 most popular New York dogs are Havanese, Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle and Minature Poodle although Kinney cautions that toy breeds tend to “bark a lot.”

3.      Great Danes. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum for apartment living is the Great Dane. Watching one walk down the sidewalk taking up most of it, you can’t help but wonder how owner and dog fit inside their home. But surprisingly, according to Rover.com Great Danes make great apartment pets because they are “notorious loafers, as well as super calm, friendly, and highly trainable.” Does this sound right for you? Mid-Atlantic Rescue League is a great place to adopt a Great Dane and get advice on how to care for them.

4.      Greyhounds. You think of racing round the track chasing a rabbit, but rover.com says that Greyhounds are actually “calm and laid-back, preferring naps over races.” They in fact need little exercise or grooming and like French Bulldogs, “don’t bark much.” They are also considered a “smart breed and are generally easy to train.”  

5.      Maltese. Rover.com says that like the Yorkshire Terrier, the Maltese is a “small, quiet lap dog.” Its long, silky coats doesn’t shed very much and because of its size can go anywhere without anyone knowing. One of our dog lovers and owners, Mandy says Maltipoos, a combination of Poodle and Maltese, are also a great option. She says, “Aside from looking like puppies their whole lives, they are stage four clingers and will follow their owners, easy to train on wee-wee pads” Her Maltipoo travels with her on subways, to the movies and even to work without anyone knowing. Most important, Mandy says they are hypo-allergenic.

bond-aries copy

If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment to rent or buy we have many pet-friendly agents eager to help you and your furry friend find a great home. Contact us at: ASK@BONDNewYork.com

Testimonial Time: Martha Mendez


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Martha Mendez‘s hard work paying off!

“Martha was a great agent. She was prepared with places to visit that met our specifications and knew the neighborhood well. She would give us time to consider each of the places asking us to consider what we liked and didn’t like and how each of the places ranked with one another. This definitely helped with our selection. She was friendly and had a great attitude even though there was a lot of walking and stairs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I knew who was on the rental/buying hunt.”

-Alicia Ritcey

Upper East Side, 1BR, $2000 

What Can I Buy Under $500,000 in New York City?

Recently, Aparment Therapyposted a piece about what one can buy in top 5 US cities for under $500,000 today. This inspired us to highlight our own sales exclusive listings in that price range.

UES 285

UES 289

UES 299

Midtown E 309

Murray Hill

Midtown West

UES 419

Harlem 425

UES 459