How to Make Your Studio Feel Like a One-Bedroom

Introducing: The Leesa mattress. Leesa is an innovative new direct-to-consumer online mattress company that Forbes recently named to its list of Top 20 Startups to Watch in 2016. Leesa has created a premium hybrid foam mattress which ships compressed in a box to your door. They offer customers 100 nights to try it, risk-free. And through Leesa’s One-Ten initiative, they donate one mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 they sell. 

Today, Leesa shares 8 great tips to make your studio apartment feel like a one-bedroom!

In a recent episode of HBO’s Girls, Marnie’s new husband blunders his first spousal attempt to impress his new wife. Intending to create some of the privacy of a one-bedroom, he put a permanent wall down the middle of their tiny shared studio apartment, inadvertently making it feel even smaller. “But you said you wanted more space and it’ll give us privacy!” Desi yells, mid-fight. “I literally meant more space, as in, I want a bigger apartment!” Marnie snaps back.

The Leesa mattress was made for unconventional living spaces. You order online and Leesa delivers free to your door in a conveniently-sized box, so there’s no need to bribe your neighbors for help moving it in place, and the innovative design ensures cooling airflow so it doesn’t “sleep hot.” Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold and they offer a 100-night guarantee. With 2,100+ five-star reviews, there’s no reason not to try one out. If you’re like us, you put a lot of effort into setting up a peaceful, serene place to sleep in your new place. Finish off your space with a better place to sleep.

An “unconventional” apartment can sometimes mean a small studio where your bedroom, living room, and kitchen are all out in the open. If you live in a studio – especially if you’re attempting it with another person – you’ve probably considered installing a Desi-wall to get the privacy of a one-bedroom. But before you go erecting any permanent structures, which can wind up making the space feel even smaller, try out some of the more flexible, less expensive ideas below.


1. Maximize light. If you decide to put up curtains, go with airy, light-colored, breezy fabrics that sunlight comes straight through. Daylight sends a signal to your brain that you’re outdoors, making almost any space feel larger.


2. Use floating shelves. They serve double duty as décor and storage, which is incredibly valuable in a small place.


3. Monochrome is your friend. It may feel less-than-exciting at first, but keeping the same color walls as your cabinets and major furniture (nothing dark) will help make the space feel open. Use pops of more saturated colors to delineate “zones.”


4. Make use of vertical space. Lookup. How high are your ceilings? Vertical space can be especially helpful for storage, like the bike in the picture above. Take a look at how high your ceiling is and stack things on top of each other wherever possible.


5. Set up a few semi-transparent partitions. The beer-bottle partition above is sophisticated and inexpensive to create, or you can shop online for a budget-friendly hanging partition. Either choice permits a bit of privacy while allowing light through.


6. Or go for more traditional bookshelves or stackable Ikea cubes. They provide storage and section off different zones, mimicking the feel of separate rooms.


7. Consider curtains around your bed for a bit more privacy. But be warned: Sounds still travel.


8. Get a Leesa mattress. Leesa ships compressed in a box straight to your door, so you won’t need a team of friends to help maneuver it into place. Its premium materials, 2,100+ five-star reviews and 100-night guarantee mean you’ll raise your sleep game. Plus, your Leesa will look great even when you’re washing your one set of sheets. (Who has room for two sets?)

You can order your Leesa online in five minutes, and the 100-night guarantee and 2,100+ five star reviews mean there’s no reason to keep attempting sleep on your old mattress. And since you’re a Bond New York reader, you can take $75 off your new Leesa mattress of any size. Just head to and enter code BOND75 at checkout.



Get Your Home In Shape With Genius Organizing

A self-proclaimed reformed clutterer, Professional Organizer Nicole Abramovici wants you to know she was not born organized! Ten years ago she forced herself to change her messy ways, as they were interfering with her work and personal life. Ever since then, she has been helping others cross over to the other side with her company, Genius Organizing. If she could do it, so can you!

Most New Yorkers can relate to the lack of storage problem. And many of us are also on a budget and don’t know what to spend our money on when it comes to storage solutions. According to Nicole, there are multitudes of inexpensive and good-looking storage supplies to be had for all areas of the home, from shelf doublers for kitchen cabinets to shoe cubbies for closets or doors. She recommends choosing dual-use storage furniture: examples include beds that lift up to reveal storage space beneath, trunks or storage ottomans for the coffee table or seating, or a headboard with shelves or cubbies inside.

When asked about the most common disaster areas in people’s homes, Nicole says the kitchen and dining area are where things tend to get piled up. She explains, “This is because there are so many categories of things that wind up here: kitchen items, food, mail, papers that need to be worked on at the table, toys and art supplies, anything that gets dumped when you come home from your day. These kinds of things would not likely pile up on, say, the bathroom sink but they definitely land here.” She of course offers various solutions to this kind of clutter, starting with creating more specific homes for items to live rather than piling them up in one place. 

And it seems that getting organized has some serious emotional and mental rewards that extend way behind being able to find your keys. Nicole lists, “Peace, calm, renewed energy and focus, more free time, less stress and anxiety, doubled motivation, higher self-esteem, ability to have company and be social, harmony between cohabitants, increased productivity (as one can get things done besides deal with clutter and disarray), time saved, money saved (and often found!), a structure that helps you power through life without crises each day- these are some of the benefits you can expect to experience once your personal space is in shape.” 

Nicole shares a story of a youngish client who had heart disease. “The level of clutter and disorganization in her house was actually putting stress on her heart,” Nicole recounts. “This woman was a fighter when it came to her health, and after her apartment became organized with my help, she put the same fighting energy into maintaining her newfound organization.” Nicole has stayed in touch with her and the client has reported that her home remains organized and she no longer experiences clutter-related stress

.As a former clutterer, Nicole appreciates and understands the challenges that come with changing your habits and letting things go. She has worked with clients who still don’t want to get rid of stuff even if their stuff is unmanageable and there is no place for it. And it can be difficult to assign “value” to items. But she is up for the challenge and goes into each situation believing she will be able to “get my client to pare down their belongings in a reasonable amount so that they will benefit from created space.” It can require a lot of patience and care, which she feels is an essential part of her job. Nicole affirms, “I am your partner in the process and here to help make things better!”


1. Buying organizing supplies before one goes about decluttering. Say you buy twenty sweater bags. Then you get down to work and donate seven sweaters. Now you have all these extra supplies you have to take the time to return, or worse, find storage space for, in case over time you buy seven new sweaters. Genius Organizing advises to wait until you know what/how much you are actually keeping before you buy storage supplies for these items.

2. Not separating papers out into categories far enough. For example, it is very common to see a huge, unwieldy, overstuffed file folder called HEALTH with medical receipts, insurance claim forms, medical bills, lab results, health insurance info, explanations of benefits, etc. all lumped inside. Genius Organizing recommends that HEALTH folder be broken out into different subfolders with all those above-mentioned categories as subheaders, within an expandable hanging file folder or two marked HEALTH that will house the separate subfolders.

3. Keeping everything right in front of you jumbled up in a storage closet or shelving or other space. Genius Organizing suggests sorting and storing things according to frequency of use, i.e. regular, seasonal, holiday etc.

Genius Organizing • www.geniusorganizing.com917.716.5598


Yorkville the new Greenpoint?

“Yorkville the new Greenpoint?” Recently featured in the Observer, The Upper East Side is up against Brooklyn and came up as the clear winner when it comes to just about everything.  

Upper East Side is quickly becoming the cool alternative to Brooklyn thanks to the outer borough’s skyrocketing rents. While Brooklyn has long held onto its hipster persona, The Upper East Side has been undergoing a makeover of its own the last few years with restaurants such as Boqueria, Mighty Quinns and Jones Wood’s Foundry and great drinking spots like Seamstress. The residential sector is finally keeping up with the drinking and dining scene as The Rose Modern, York Avenue’s first new rental building in decades has recently started leasing with Studios from $2,800, one bedrooms from $4,335, two bedrooms from $6,525 and three bedroom penthouses from $13,500. The building rented up over 40% of its inventory in the first month on the market!

Add this to the neighborhood’s long standing reputation for having some of the best schools in the city and its close proximity to the best parks, Yorkville can no longer be ignored.

upload                        Jones Wood Foundry                                                      Seamstress

BOND’s Million Dollar Listings

What can $1M buy in Manhattan? Today we show you a few of BOND’s Million Dollar Listings.

Treetop Level Ultra Comfort 1 BR Condo – Chelsea


Although it’s in a boutique doorman building, this residence feels more like living on the parlor level of a private house! This super quiet home on the second floor of the Cheyney Condominium combines the benefits of doorman condo luxury with a private townhouse sensibility because of the beautiful views south across the classic Chelsea gardens and back yards of West 22nd Street. Life from 2D’s private balcony is all treetops, light and air. It’s serene and secluded, with views only a few neighbors will ever know about. Web ID: 971760, Price: $1,188,000.

Jr. 4 Move in Ready with River Views – Midtown East


Desirable Sutton Place apartment in full service building is move-in ready! This is the largest Jr. 4 layout in the building. Enjoy breakfast on your private terrace facing the water. Great storage and renovated bathrooms and kitchen with stainless appliances. Custom built-ins and lighting throughout this special place. Amenities include valet & concierge services, fitness center, storage and an on-site garage at an unbelievably reasonable rate! The building is pet friendly, and pieds-a-terre are welcome. Web ID: 978842, Price: $1,195,000.

Stunning SoHo Condo – SoHo

NEW YORK - December 04: Photos of 210 Lafayette St Apt 5F for broker Moran Khousravi of Bond NY on December 04, 2015 in New York City. (Scott Wintrow/Gamut Photos)

NEW YORK – December 04: Photos of 210 Lafayette St Apt 5F for broker Moran Khousravi of Bond NY on December 04, 2015 in New York City. (Scott Wintrow/Gamut Photos)

Rarely available 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath at One Kenmare Square. Enjoy the best of all worlds with this Unique Loft-like Condo apartment and modern Design by Andre Balazs. Get inspired by the excellent use of space with 11ft ceilings,and oversized windows. Open Chef’s kitchen features high quality appliances; Sub Zero Fridge, Bosch oven top and Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal and White Carrera Marble Counters with Breakfast Bar. Kohler deep soaking tub and sink, even including a towel warmer. Private Washer & Dryer in unit. Web ID: 960349, Price: $1,495,000.


Q&A With Helix Sleep


Helix Sleep was born from personal pain points that myself and the other cofounders realized after we had moved for business school. Why was buying a mattress such a bad experience? How come the products were so confusing? And perhaps most importantly, why were they so expensive?

 At Helix Sleep, we aim to fix this broken system by offering individually personalized, premium quality mattresses at a fraction of the cost of retail. Our philosophy is centered around the belief that people have different needs and preferences when it comes to mattresses. These needs and preferences are expressed through subjective characteristics like feel preference (e.g. soft or firm) and objective needs (e.g. support levels based on body types). But it’s about more than creating an awesome product – it’s about selling that product at a reasonable price point without the hassle associated with traditional retail. That’s why our mattresses cost roughly 1/3 the price of a similarly constructed mattress at retail and we aim to create top notch customer service.


Unfortunately in the mattress industry the relationship between quality and price is not always linear. Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful $5,000+ mattress options out there in the world, but a lot of the price paid for these ultra-premium mattresses is not physically experienced in the product.

One of the goals at Helix Sleep is to provide the most possible value to the consumer at a reasonable price point. We achieve this goal by selling direct to consumer (online or in our NYC showroom) as opposed to at a traditional retail store. We also choose specific materials that have high performance characteristics instead of focusing on bells and whistles. That’s how we maintain prices sub-$1,000.


The biggest challenge by far relates to expressing what we want because 99.99% of people are not mattress experts (nor should they be!). People want an insanely comfortable mattress that allows them to get a great night of sleep. Maybe they know whether this perfect mattress would be “firmer” or “softer”, but that’s about it. So what we frequently see is consumers trying multiple mattresses at retail for ~2 minutes each, which actually has close to ZERO statistical correlation with whether or not that would be the right bed for you. Retailers know this, which is why they commonly require you to keep a mattress for 2-3 weeks before returning it. It takes that long to know if the product is right.

This challenge around knowing what someone wants is at the crux of Helix Sleep’s personalization quiz. We focus questions not on what you want, but rather what you know about yourself. Do you get hot when you sleep at night? Do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach? What is your height and weight? These questions allow us to build the right mattress for you.


We personalize each mattress using cutting edge sleep research in order to optimize across four key metrics: (1) feel, (2) support, (3) temperature regulation, and (4) point elasticity. Feel is a subjective preference based on a prefererance for a softer or firmer feel to the top layers of the mattress. Support is based on objective inputs such as body type and sleeping position, with the goal of aligning your spine as you sleep. This is associated with improved REM and reported sleep quality as well as reduced neck and back pain. Temperature regulation is our ability to allow airflow through the upper layers of the mattress for those that sleep very hot. And finally, point elasticity is the ability for the mattress to compress in one area without it affecting the surrounding areas. This is important for specific body types and sleeping positions, as well as for motion isolation.


We’ve designed our process with simplicity and ease of mind at its core. Each consumer takes a quick 2-3 minute questionnaire with questions on body type, sleeping preferences, and mattress preferences. Based on your answers we optimize a mattress construction for each individual or couple and custom-build that mattress in our facility in the US. Once an order is placed, it takes 7-10 days to receive the personalized mattress.


We offer a 100-night trial period with free returns. We’ll organize pick-up of the mattress and look to donate or recycle the item.


We’re crazy excited about our new showroom in NoHo! It’s a unique mattress experience – we will build your custom mattress, compare that mattress to other types, and walk you through the specifics of the materials. The goal is to be educational in addition to allowing people to try out the bed.

We accept walk-ins, but prefer appointments at this point. Appointments can be made here:

Want to save money on the most comfortable and supportive mattress? Use promo code BOND50 for $50 off your purchase. Call 646.854.5860 for more information.

Helix Sleep • • 646.854.5860

Interior with pink armchair near white wall. 3d render.

How To: Make The Most Out Of A Small Entryway

In an ideal world, we’d all love an open, airy-feeling home. But let’s be real, this is New York and our spaces are tiny. However, with a few simple tips you can make your small space work for you and feel infinitely bigger…seriously. 

STEP 1: CLEAR OUT COATS AND SHOES                                                                                          Resist the urge to create an outdoor accessory gathering place—your alreadyteensy entry will only get teensier! A pair of shoes per person is the absolute max you should keep here. Relegate all coats and additional footwear to a closet (if you don’t have one near your entry, a bedroom closet works just as well). You will be amazed at how much bigger and more peaceful your space feels just by making this simple change.

 STEP 2: CREATE A SENSE OF SPACE                                                                                                  While you can’t always open up walls for a more spacious feel, you can create a feeling of depth by adding a mirror or a piece of art with a “view” to your entry wall (i.e. a city skyline, a photo of a far off horizon). In the case of a mirror, think carefully about what is going to be reflected in this space. Is it an unattractive door? A blank wall? If so, opt for the art route.

STEP 3: LET THERE BE LIGHT                                                                                                                 Cramped spaces generally tend to be dark spaces. The addition of good lighting not only brightens a room up, but makes it so much more welcoming (think of how much better it feels to walk on a well-lit street than down a dark alleyway). If you don’t have space for a slim floor lamp, try adding some mini wall sconces or even twinkle lights that can be tacked into a cool geometric shape.

Come to a deeper understanding of your environment and how making simple changes will change how you feel—both in your home and in your life. Contact Contact Ali Sherbach ( to learn how feng shui can change your life…and how you can receive 25% off their services.

 The Feng Shui Project • • 516.492.2709

What Can I Buy Under $300,000 in New York City?

Have $300,000 to spend on your new home? Luck’s on your side, because  the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens have plenty of possibilities. Here are three BOND properties you can buy today for under $300,000.


Sheepshead Bay: Move right in to this well designed home in an established Co-op in Riverdale. Charming updated eat-in windowed kitchen with new refrigerator, stove and sink with beautiful mosaic backsplash. Large living room/dining area and an abundance of closets. Web ID: 956869. Price: 170,000.


Riverdale: This home has been fully renovated with love and features classic pre-war detailing, including high ceilings, crown molding, and inlaid details on the hardwood flooring. This quiet and peaceful unit is located on a corner with two exposures and seven windows providing tons of light and views. Web ID: 954357. Price: $250,000.


Forest Hills: Do not miss the opportunity to own this oversized JR. Four/ convertible 2 bedroom unit in one of Forest Hill’s most coveted white glove buildings. Web ID: 736654. Price: 259,000.

Have questions about these properties, don’t hesitate to email us at Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out for all of our listings.


What Three Midtown West Properties Can I Buy Today?

South Facing apartment At Clinton West – Midtown Westmidtownwest1

The warm glow of the afternoon sun greets you as you enter this spacious south facing one bedroom apartment at Clinton West.  It is a short distance to the Midtown business and theater districts. Close to all Hell’s Kitchen has to offer including restaurants and transportation. Web ID: 828852, Price: $830,000.

Two Bedroom In Doorman Building Just Steps Away From Central Park – Midtown West


Renovated triple mint 2 bed 1 bath in a doorman building just 2 minutes away from Central Park and 5 minutes away from Columbus circle. The apartment has an open chefs kitchen, with a Sub Zero fridge, Jenn Air stove and a Bosch dishwasher plus a washer/dryer in the unit. There’s also plenty of closet space throughout the apartment. Web ID: 757662, Price: $1,150,000.

Spacious Apartment With Renovated Kitchen/Bathroom – Midtown West


Large and very spacious 1 Bed/1 Bath apartment in the heart of the city. It can easily be converted into a 2 bedroom apartment. The unit has a renovated kitchen and a bathroom with jacuzzi. Web iD: 528928, Price: $1,225,000.

Have questions about these properties, don’t hesitate to email us at Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out for all of our listings.

What Three 4 Bedrooms Can I Rent Today?

Ultra-Luxury 4 Bedroom/ 3 BathBattery Park City 

4rent1This gorgeous 2125 sq ft 4 BR apartment features marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances, bamboo floors and cabinets, deluxe bathrooms, featuring a standing glass shower and beautiful soaking tub option, and ample closet space. Just as exquisite as it is practical, this gorgeous apartment is the epitome of Manhattan real estate heaven! Web ID: 936647, Rent: $15,500.

Spectacular Penthouse in Glass-Styled High-RiseMidtown East


The recently renovated bathroom has a jacuzzi tub, good storage, a medicine cabinet, marble finishes, and a luxury shower. Web ID 911941, Rent: $17,500.

Gracious Four Bedroom, Five Bath Soaring Over Central Park – Upper East Side


This Spectacular 22nd Floor Residence with Private Elevator nests comfortably in a White Glove Luxury Doorman building. The Upper East Side home offers Sumptuous Master Bedrooms with Private Full Baths, Dark Pristine Hardwood through out, Chef Gourmet Kitchen, Intimate Views all around. Entertaining is effortless & enjoyable. Web ID: 919844. Rent: $29,000.


How to ‘MakeSpace’ Like a New Yorker?

We get it, apartments in New York are crazy tiny and expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space for a bigger bed, storing your bike, or practicing yoga without tripping over your coffee table? Follow these tips to make space in your home on a tight budget.

1. Organize your stuff. Sort everything you own by category, which makes it easy for you to find things that you no longer use, wear, or need. For the items that no longer serve a purpose or make you happy (like that old sweater you haven’t worn in years), sell it, gift it, donate it, recycle it, or throw it away. Remember, less (stuff) is more (space).

2. Use your walls and doors. Your walls and doors are your secret space-saving weapons. Install hooks, shelves, TRONES (storage cabinets from IKEA), or storage solutions from on your wall, and use them to store things like coats, hats, bags, keys, books, magazines, office supplies, and small plants. You can also attach an over-the-door shoe organizer to any door and toss in small items like toys, pens, makeup, nail polish, and brushes.

To store your bike, attach a CLUG (a tiny clip that grips your tire, available at or a bike shelf to your wall so that you can stand your bike up on one wheel or levitate it.

3. Invest in multi-purpose furniture. Having multi-purpose furniture is key to living happily in a small apartment. Consider getting a storage ottoman that doubles as a seat, restoring an old trunk to serve as a vintage coffee table with hidden storage, or installing a Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall.

4. Create the illusion of space. When it comes to space, sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it. Paint your apartment in a light color to open up your place and create a relaxing atmosphere. For example, blue calms you because you associate it with the ocean and sky, green teleports you into nature, yellow brings the sun indoors, white suggests cleanliness, and purple is floral, which soothes you.

Another trick of the trade is placing a mirror directly opposite a window to reflect more light into a room. This creates the illusion of extra space and lets you bask in more rays of glorious sunshine.

5. MakeSpace. Think of MakeSpace as your infinite closet in the cloud where you can rotate clothes at the push of a button. Simply schedule a pickup at and pack the bins they send you with items that you’d like to store (they store bikes too). They’ll pick up, store, and deliver your stuff back when you need so that you have more time and space to do what you want.

Move lighter with Makespace, your closet in the cloud. Makespace is now offering $100 dollars of free space! Use promo code BONDNY. Visit for more information.

MakeSpace • www. • (800) 920-9440