by guest blogger Bree Perlman 

Moving to New York can is as stressful as it is thrilling, as anyone who has survived the home finding process knows. We’ve put together a list of our top housewarming gifts, well, city-warming gifts to help ease the pain and make the transition into bona fide New Yorker complete.


 1. A Line Sitter via Sold Inc.


New York is all about wanting what we can’t have. Or could have if we were willing to wait a really, really long time for it. Whether it’s the new Iphone, Cronuts, Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale, or a Central Park concert, line sitters are like winning Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Well, more like the obnoxious girl whose father puts his entire factory to work looking for one. Either way, the person receiving this gift will be very grateful. Sold Inc. (, which stands for Same Ole Line Dudes, charges $25 for the first hour and $10 each additional hour for General Waiting for events, stores, tickets sales, DV, etc. They also offers a Delivereach Premium Service which is waiting plus purchase plus delivery (think new iPhone). Bragging rights are free.


2. A Citibike Gift Certificate


For the active or environmentally conscious New Yorker, Citibike has gift cards for a 24 hour pass ($9.95), a 7 Day Pass ($25), or an Annual Membership ($95).  There are thousands of bikes at 100s of locations around the city making it a perfect alternative to packed subways and traffic logged buses. And while the 30 – minute time limit (45 minutes for annual members) means you can’t wander for the day, every time you drop off your bike and pick it up increases your chances of running into (hopefully not over) Leonardo DiCaprio.  You can purchase any of the passes at:


3. A 30-day Unlimited Ride MetroCard


This is kind of the equivalent of bringing a large box of cloth diapers with a note that says “Not for use as diapers but for spit up, food spills, and everything else” to a baby shower. Not exactly the precious Tiffany & Co. Teething Ring the new mom has been coveting since pre-child conception, but way more practical. And in this city, practical wins. A 30-day Unlimited Ride MetroCard costs $112 and is good for 30 days from the first use. There is also a 7-day Unlimited Pass MetroCard which costs $30 and is good for 7 days from first use. The MetroCard will be a gift that keeps on giving. At least until it expires.  Unlimited cards can be purchased at

4. A Subscription to the New York Times


Nothing says official New Yorker like having your name on one of the New York Times piled outside your building door. Grab a bagel and coffee and curl up with a couple of sections and you have officially arrived. A daily delivery is just $6.65 per week and there is also the option for weekend delivery at $4.35 per week. You can also opt to give a weekday subscription (Monday – Friday) for just $3.60 per week.${keywordText}&__CAMP__=4F6XY#home. New York Magazine (**BQS) and the New Yorker ( are also great options depending on the gift recipient’s New York type.

5. Enough Bomber Bucks to get them to Yankee Stadium


A trip to Yankee Stadium is the quintessential New York sports experience and for any sports fan moving to the city, it’s a must. It’s also the most expensive baseball stadium ever built, which for a chance to see how the other sports fans live, it’s also worth the trip. Bomber Bucks are the equivalent of a gift card for Yankees Games and can be used to purchase any regular season home game individual game ticket or a Yankee Stadium Tour. And for any sports fan reading this that completely disagrees, see also Mets Gift Card (

 6. An Uber Gift Card


Uber is now cheaper than taxis.  At least UberX is. But that’s not really why Uber is so desirable. Sure it’s controversial (all the more reason to use and tell) but it’s also what separates the haves from the shift-change-I’m-never-getting-home-in-the-pouring-rain desperados. Other perks: the cars are much nicer than a cab, you don’t need cash and the app system guarantees your driver will actually show up. One caveat: You must have an Uber account to give a gift card which you can do by signing up at Another great option is Via, the ride share service that also works via app.


7. Monopoly New York City


Real Estate and Manhattan go hand in hand. And what better way for your gift recipient to contemplate just how much they overpaid for their new home than to relive the experience on a board game on a Saturday night (especially if thanks to their new home, they can no longer afford to do anything else)? Include a nice bottle of wine and fancy nibbles and the memory should be quickly replaced with ones of laughter and fun in their new city. Maybe they’ll even get some play money revenge. You can find Monopoly New York at




New Yorkers love their dogs, but having one in the city can be tricky. We reached out to some pet experts and a few New York pet owners to find out what are the five best breeds for living in a New York City apartment.


1.      Yorkshire Terriers. According to they are the “quintessential apartment breed: small, quiet, friendly, and adaptable.” They are also super easy to transport. You can adopt one at Yorkie 911 Rescue which has many that have been rescued from puppy mills.  Caitlin Kinney of Trupanion, a company that provides medical insurance for cats and dogs says the nice thing about smaller breeds is that they tend to be “healthier and thus less costly when it comes to medical expenses and pet medical insurance.”  

2.      French Bulldog. French Bulldogs rank number one in popularity for New York City Dog owners according to Kinney, French Bulldogs are “big dogs in small packages” that are perfect for busy New Yokers. They “don’t need a lot of exercise and are medium to low energy level, can be taught to use an indoor potty or to go to the bathroom outside.” They are also great for those with thin walls as they are “not big barkers.”  Other small dogs that that rank in the top 10 most popular New York dogs are Havanese, Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle and Minature Poodle although Kinney cautions that toy breeds tend to “bark a lot.”

3.      Great Danes. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum for apartment living is the Great Dane. Watching one walk down the sidewalk taking up most of it, you can’t help but wonder how owner and dog fit inside their home. But surprisingly, according to Great Danes make great apartment pets because they are “notorious loafers, as well as super calm, friendly, and highly trainable.” Does this sound right for you? Mid-Atlantic Rescue League is a great place to adopt a Great Dane and get advice on how to care for them.

4.      Greyhounds. You think of racing round the track chasing a rabbit, but says that Greyhounds are actually “calm and laid-back, preferring naps over races.” They in fact need little exercise or grooming and like French Bulldogs, “don’t bark much.” They are also considered a “smart breed and are generally easy to train.”  

5.      Maltese. says that like the Yorkshire Terrier, the Maltese is a “small, quiet lap dog.” Its long, silky coats doesn’t shed very much and because of its size can go anywhere without anyone knowing. One of our dog lovers and owners, Mandy says Maltipoos, a combination of Poodle and Maltese, are also a great option. She says, “Aside from looking like puppies their whole lives, they are stage four clingers and will follow their owners, easy to train on wee-wee pads” Her Maltipoo travels with her on subways, to the movies and even to work without anyone knowing. Most important, Mandy says they are hypo-allergenic.

How To Make Space Like A New Yorker

shutterstock_147818501-1We get it, apartments in New York are crazy tiny and expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space for a bigger bed, storing your bike, or practicing yoga without tripping over your coffee table? Follow these tips to make space in your home on a tight budget.

1. Organize your stuff. Sort everything you own by category, which makes it easy for you to find things that you no longer use, wear, or need. For the items that no longer serve a purpose or make you happy (like that old sweater you haven’t worn in years), sell it, gift it, donate it, recycle it, or throw it away. Remember, less (stuff) is more (space).

2. Use your walls and doors. Your walls and doors are your secret space-saving weapons. Install hooks, shelves, TRONES (storage cabinets from IKEA), or storage solutions from on your wall, and use them to store things like coats, hats, bags, keys, books, magazines, office supplies, and small plants. You can also attach an over-the-door shoe organizer to any door and toss in small items like toys, pens, makeup, nail polish, and brushes.

To store your bike, attach a CLUG (a tiny clip that grips your tire, available at or a bike shelf to your wall so that you can stand your bike up on one wheel or levitate it.

3. Invest in multi-purpose furniture. Having multi-purpose furniture is key to living happily in a small apartment. Consider getting a storage ottoman that doubles as a seat, restoring an old trunk to serve as a vintage coffee table with hidden storage, or installing a Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall.

4. Create the illusion of space. When it comes to space, sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it. Paint your apartment in a light color to open up your place and create a relaxing atmosphere. For example, blue calms you because you associate it with the ocean and sky, green teleports you into nature, yellow brings the sun indoors, white suggests cleanliness, and purple is floral, which soothes you.

Another trick of the trade is placing a mirror directly opposite a window to reflect more light into a room. This creates the illusion of extra space and lets you bask in more rays of glorious sunshine.

5. MakeSpace. Think of MakeSpace as your infinite closet in the cloud where you can rotate clothes at the push of a button. Simply schedule a pickup at and pack the bins they send you with items that you’d like to store (they store bikes too). They’ll pick up, store, and deliver your stuff back when you need so that you have more time and space to do what you want.

Move lighter with Makespace, your closet in the cloud. Makespace is now offering $100 dollars of free space! Use promo code BONDNY. Visit for more information.

MakeSpace • www. • (800) 920-9440


“Yorkville the new Greenpoint?” Recently featured in the Observer, The Upper East Side is up against Brooklyn and came up as the clear winner when it comes to just about everything.  

Upper East Side is quickly becoming the cool alternative to Brooklyn thanks to the outer borough’s skyrocketing rents. While Brooklyn has long held onto its hipster persona, The Upper East Side has been undergoing a makeover of its own the last few years with restaurants such as Boqueria, Mighty Quinns and Jones Wood’s Foundry and great drinking spots like Seamstress. The residential sector is finally keeping up with the drinking and dining scene as The Rose Modern, York Avenue’s first new rental building in decades has recently started leasing with Studios from $2,800, one bedrooms from $4,335, two bedrooms from $6,525 and three bedroom penthouses from $13,500. The building rented up over 40% of its inventory in the first month on the market!

Add this to the neighborhood’s long standing reputation for having some of the best schools in the city and its close proximity to the best parks, Yorkville can no longer be ignored.

upload                        Jones Wood Foundry                                                      Seamstress

How to Make Your Studio Feel Like a One-Bedroom

1Introducing: The Leesa mattress. Leesa is an innovative new direct-to-consumer online mattress company that Forbes recently named to its list of Top 20 Startups to Watch in 2016. Leesa has created a premium hybrid foam mattress which ships compressed in a box to your door. They offer customers 100 nights to try it, risk-free. And through Leesa’s One-Ten initiative, they donate one mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 they sell. 

Today, Leesa shares 8 great tips to make your studio apartment feel like a one-bedroom!

In a recent episode of HBO’s Girls, Marnie’s new husband blunders his first spousal attempt to impress his new wife. Intending to create some of the privacy of a one-bedroom, he put a permanent wall down the middle of their tiny shared studio apartment, inadvertently making it feel even smaller. “But you said you wanted more space and it’ll give us privacy!” Desi yells, mid-fight. “I literally meant more space, as in, I want a bigger apartment!” Marnie snaps back.

The Leesa mattress was made for unconventional living spaces. You order online and Leesa delivers free to your door in a conveniently-sized box, so there’s no need to bribe your neighbors for help moving it in place, and the innovative design ensures cooling airflow so it doesn’t “sleep hot.” Leesa donates one mattress for every ten sold and they offer a 100-night guarantee. With 2,100+ five-star reviews, there’s no reason not to try one out. If you’re like us, you put a lot of effort into setting up a peaceful, serene place to sleep in your new place. Finish off your space with a better place to sleep.

An “unconventional” apartment can sometimes mean a small studio where your bedroom, living room, and kitchen are all out in the open. If you live in a studio – especially if you’re attempting it with another person – you’ve probably considered installing a Desi-wall to get the privacy of a one-bedroom. But before you go erecting any permanent structures, which can wind up making the space feel even smaller, try out some of the more flexible, less expensive ideas below.


1. Maximize light. If you decide to put up curtains, go with airy, light-colored, breezy fabrics that sunlight comes straight through. Daylight sends a signal to your brain that you’re outdoors, making almost any space feel larger.


2. Use floating shelves. They serve double duty as décor and storage, which is incredibly valuable in a small place.


3. Monochrome is your friend. It may feel less-than-exciting at first, but keeping the same color walls as your cabinets and major furniture (nothing dark) will help make the space feel open. Use pops of more saturated colors to delineate “zones.”


4. Make use of vertical space. Lookup. How high are your ceilings? Vertical space can be especially helpful for storage, like the bike in the picture above. Take a look at how high your ceiling is and stack things on top of each other wherever possible.


5. Set up a few semi-transparent partitions. The beer-bottle partition above is sophisticated and inexpensive to create, or you can shop online for a budget-friendly hanging partition. Either choice permits a bit of privacy while allowing light through.


6. Or go for more traditional bookshelves or stackable Ikea cubes. They provide storage and section off different zones, mimicking the feel of separate rooms.


7. Consider curtains around your bed for a bit more privacy. But be warned: Sounds still travel.


8. Get a Leesa mattress. Leesa ships compressed in a box straight to your door, so you won’t need a team of friends to help maneuver it into place. Its premium materials, 2,100+ five-star reviews and 100-night guarantee mean you’ll raise your sleep game. Plus, your Leesa will look great even when you’re washing your one set of sheets. (Who has room for two sets?)

You can order your Leesa online in five minutes, and the 100-night guarantee and 2,100+ five star reviews mean there’s no reason to keep attempting sleep on your old mattress. And since you’re a Bond New York reader, you can take $75 off your new Leesa mattress of any size. Just head to and enter code BOND75 at checkout.

A Classic, Reimagined

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A Neighborhood Class On The Upper West Side

941 Columbus Ave is a neighborhood classic. This corner property, built in 1920, the building was imaginatively renovated in 2015/16. Its Italianate design, brick facade and distinctive roof line make it a handsome standout on the block. The main entrance is off-the-avenue on 106th Street.

Elegantly tailored two and three bedroom residences preserve the historic character of the building and neighborhood with their open layouts, high ceilings, exposed brick walls framed by elegant molding and mill work. The old, perfectly meets new with a  modern 21st Century lifestyle reflected in the recessed lighting, video intercom, stainless steel appliances, solid core white cabinetry brushed with aluminum hardware and stacked washer/dryer in each home.



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by guest blogger Bree Perlman

According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) American Fitness Index, New Yorkers ran 24th compared to other cities in America on how fit they are. The good news is that New Yorkers score in the high percentage when it comes to how much city land is designated as “park area”, how may of us use public transportation for work, how many of us use bicycles or work to commute and how many dog parks there are. We also spend more than any other city–upwards of $160 a month-on monthly gym memberships. Most importantly, we have options. For the hardcore fit-obsessed to the casual calorie burner, whether looking to spend or splurge, New Yorkers have every type of fitness at their fingertips. Below are some of our favorites.

Splurge on One of The Many Boutique Fitness Crazes in The CitySoul Cycle, Physique 57, CrossFit, New York has been swept by boutique fitness classes beloved by celebrities and promising life-changing body results by highly qualified teachers who offer a lot of personalized attention. While they are more expensive than a gym membership ($30-$38 for 45 to 60 minutes) that usually includes free classes, the upside is that they tend to have strict cancellation policies so you’ll have a hard time hitting the snooze button or blowing one off after work.

Save On a Mix of Specialized Classes by Signing Up with – Following the discount success of Groupon, Class Pass charges $99 to take

ten participating fitness classes throughout the city. You have 30 days to use them and they range from Barry’s Bootcamp to Bikram Yoga NYC. It is a great way to try out boutique classes in the city you otherwise wouldn’t be ready to commit $30 plus to. Beware of cancellation fees and like Groupon, some classes can be hard to reserve during busy times.

Take Advantage of “Make New York Your Gym” – This campaign was launched in 2001 to help New Yorkers get fit. With everything from Running to Yoga and flash mob Zumba you can take advantage of a wide range of free fitness in one of the many New York City Parks. Go to to search for activities in every borough.

Make New York City Staircases Your Gym – Yet another free and accessible resource, there is no shortage of stairs to climb in NYC. Considered impact friendly for knees and feet compared to running, stair climbing burns calories and works the glutes, quads and calf muscles. Subways and walk-ups are obvious choices for stair climbing, but if you are looking for something a little more strenuous check with your office building for their policy on stair use. According to the New York Department of State there are no uniform state building codes when it comes to stairwell use and individual buildings make their own decisions so you may need to request permission. For those ready to take their stair climbing to the next level, the New York Road Runners organizes Run-Up, a race up the Empire State Building’s 86 floors (that’s 1,576 stairs) 32 years in the making. The event is by invitation only.

Make New York Waterways Your Gym NYC Swim organizes swim events around the waterways of New York. The events are created to highlight New York’s major landmarks and proceeds go towards supporting charities. According to NYC Swim, the Little Red Lighthouse Swim is the “largest 10k swim in the United States” and a “great way to get started in longer open water distance events.” More competitive events like The Brooklyn Bridge Swim scheduled for July 20, 2014 challenges you to swim across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge and features a Battle of The Bridge team component.

Swim Year Round For Free – If the idea of swimming in the open water is not your thing there are several indoor and outdoor pools offering free swimming lessons and Aquatics Programs year round. Outdoor pools are open from 11:00am to 7:00pm with a cleaning between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. There are also “early bird” and “night owl” swim hours available. Check out their “Know Before You Go” page to ensure you are up to speed on pool regulations. For instance, colored shirts are prohibited on decks (white only) as is magazines, newspapers, food and electronics.

Make New York City Playgrounds Your Gym…If You Have a Child Handy—Playgrounds are a great subcategory of how to Make New York Your Gym but this one is only for parents; or friends of parents who are willing to let them tag along to the playground. Adults are not permitted in playgrounds in city parks without a child. It isn’t clear how strictly this is enforced but better not to risk it. That said, playgrounds are a great place for pull-ups, chin-ups, and leg lifts.

Sign Up For a Yearlong Membership to Citi Bike. For $95 a year gets you unlimited 45 minute rides (15 minutes longer than the standard 30) and a chance to burn extra calories. The bikes are available 24hours a day 365 days of the year. The city also assists with helmet provisions. You can either visit their resources page to view a list of NYC bike shops (annual members get a $10 coupon off one helmet). You can also receive a free helmet and fitting from the Department of Transportation at one of their bicycle helmet events that happen around the city. Call 311 or click HERE for more information.

Create Your Own Walking Tour Based On Classic New York City Foods. For the sweat adverse looking to play tourist, check out for calorie counts of your favorite New York Foods and where you need to walk to in order to burn them off. A slice of New York pizza (350) is a walk from the Morgan Library & Museum (Madison Avenue & 36th Street) to Cooper-Hewitt Museum (5th Avenue & E. 91st Street) while one slice of New York City Cheesecake (580cal) will have you walking from Battery Park to the Plaza Hotel (59th & 5th Avenue).

Tap Into Your Inner Circus Girl/Guy. It’s not too late to join the circus—for an afternoon. The New York Trapeze School invites you to “forget fear” and “worry about the addiction” by offering trapeze classes at all levels. Other offerings from the school include Silks “two long pieces of soft fabric that hang from a single point”, Lyra a “metal hoop that is suspended from a single point” and the more complicated Spanish Web, an “aerial apparatus consisting of a rope with a loop attached” to it that requires a “flyer” and a “setter”. For something a little more tame, check out the free juggling classes in Bryant Park.

Join a League or Get Your Office To – Intramural Sports Leagues are a great way to get fit and meet people in New York. Zog Sports is a co-ed sports club that combines athletics with charitable causes. They have leagues in everything from softball and soccer to bowling and dodgeball. Each team picks a charity to play for and if the team wins, Zog Sports donates to their cause. NYC Social Sports Club is a co-ed league that has all of the sports leagues plus trivia, card games and scavenger hunts. Each league also has a “sponsor” bar where players meet for drinks. Other top leagues: New York Urban Professional Athletic League, NoPro Sports, Different fees apply.

Take Advantage of Manhattan’s Island Status – New York City Downtown Boathouse offers free kayaking at four locations throughout the city: Pier 40, Pier 96, West 72nd Street and Governors Island. You have to sign a waiver and are required to wear a life jacket to set off in a designated area for 20 minutes. Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse between Piers 1 and 2, Furman Street and Old Fulton Street, provides free kayaking also for 20 minutes out on the East River.

Make a Day of Getting Fit at Chelsea Piers – Defined as a 28-acre waterfront sports village, The Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex has everything a fitness seeking New Yorker could want: including golf, skating, batting cages, bowling, boxing, dance, gymnastics, rock climbing—just to name a few. A variety of Drop-In Programs are available and fees vary.

Save on Free Yoga – In addition to the free yoga offered through, free and inexpensive yoga classes are offered throughout the city. Lululemon holds Sunday Salutations, a complimentary yoga class on Sunday mornings throughout the city. Perhaps the most popular, is Yoga To The People created for people that were getting priced out of yoga. They have 5 locations throughout the city that range from Power Vinyasa Flow to traditional hot yoga depending on the location. They have a suggested donation of $8 to $10 and no reservations are required.

Walk or Run Free of New York City Traffic – The city might be a lot of hustle and bustle but there are plenty of places to get out of traffic and go for a run or walk. The East River Esplanade goes from 60th Street all the way to the Triboro Bridge with views of the East River. You’ll have to contend with FDR noise during rush hour but off peak, it’s generally quiet. The Hudson River Park is 550-acre riverside park stretching from Battery Park to West 59th Street. The esplanade is designed for pedestrians and there is a bikeway a few feet away for bicyclists, rollerbladers and motorized scooters. The High Line, a 1.5 mile linear park built on a former elevated freight rail line is one of New York’s coolest escapes. There are several entrances, starting at Gansevoort Street and stretching up to 30th Street. The third and final section of the High Line will run up to 34th Street. Bicylces, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted.

What are your favorite ways to stay fit in NYC? Leave a comment below.


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by guest blogger Bree Perlman

Whether it’s making room for your new juicer or figuring out how to pack another child into a bedroom, New Yorkers are constantly space-challenged. We sat down with Challie Stillman, the Design Director at Resource Furniture, a company that specializes in modern space-saving furniture, to get “living solution” advice for some common New York apartment problems.

We’ve seen a lot of small kitchens in New York. What are some tips for organizing an apartment that is desperately lacking counter space?
Products like our New Concept Table lift up to be used as a counter space, table, desk or shelf only when needed. The rest of the time this table folds down seamlessly against the wall.


We’ve also seen a lot of rooms that are meant to accommodate both dining and living. Can you have dining and living in one space without compromising both?
Absolutely. Coffee tables and console tables that expand into full dining size tables is a great way to save space. Using furniture that serves more than one function means never having to give up one space for another.

Let’s talk bedrooms. What is the best way to have more than one child in a room?
The best way to create space for more than one child is to use a bunk bed that folds up into the wall when not in use. This way, the room can serve another purpose – a playroom, for instance – during the day, and a comfortable bedroom at night. Consolidate clothing, toys, and books into a closet to avoid having too many pieces of furniture, which can clutter a room.

Speaking of kids, what is your advice for New York City dwellers that need to keep a stroller in their apartment? What about a bicycle?
Why not either hang these items on the wall so they don’t take up floor space or consider using a corner closet? Both are great ways to store large items like bikes and strollers.

What are your best tips for having guests over in a small apartment?
When guests come to visit, you will want to be able to get the most out of your space and utilize every square foot. In small homes and apartments, the last thing you want to do is to take up room with a guest bed for those few times a year that family and friends come to visit. A great alternative is to use a wall bed system that has a sofa or desk on the front so that you use the space as a living area or home office the rest of the year!

How can you organize your mail/books in a small space?
There are a lot of ways to organize when finding the right pieces. For instance, we are big fans of the Giralot cubbie tower that rotates and stores everything from books and mail to shoes and accessories. Editing your life is never a bad idea either, especially when it comes to books and mail, which tend to take up space. Sign up for paperless subscriptions and bills to avoid wasting paper!

What’s the most challenging apartment configuration a customer has ever approached you with?
We’ve had several clients with stairwell landings that were really not being used to their fullest potential. Using our wall bed systems, the landing became a very stylish sitting area and guest bedroom. Even foyers can become guest or nanny rooms with the right imagination and resources!

Any thoughts on having a work space in your apartment?
Home offices are becoming more and more popular as people begin to work from home more frequently. Having a home office that does double duty – like office and guest room in one by using a multifunctional wall bed, for instance – can make the space feel much more flexible. Most importantly, plan in sufficient storage so office clutter doesn’t creep into the rest of

your home.

When looking for an apartment, any tips on what to look for in order to create separate areas?
Before you begin your search, you will want to have a good idea of the type of functions you want your space to perform. Spaces with separate nooks offer a good starting point. Another important factor to keep in mind is to identify where windows are located so that when separating areas of the apartment you avoid blocking natural light! Sliding doors, french doors, and curtains can help define separate areas without adding permanent walls.

We have to ask, what’s your favorite Resource Furniture product and why?
Our Palazzo sofa turns into a bunk bed at night for kids and adults alike! Not only does it create a comfortable seating and sleeping solution, it’s an engineering marvel and a total showstopper!