Agent Poll: What is the best NYC-inspired housewarming gift?

With over 500 agents in 7 offices around Manhattan, we are never at a loss for recommendations. Today we polled our BONDies about their favorite NYC-style items to give as housewarming gifts.
Get ready to heat up!

Bond No.9 Scented Candles 


-Bond agent Bridget Shuy


-Bond agent, Sam Gogolak
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-Bond agent, Teri Lynn Noren
mta tray
-Bond agent, Sharon McGrail
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-Bond agent, Erica Geller
-Bond agent, Diane Karnett

“Expanding” Your Kitchen


Here is another blog post on behalf of guest blogger Holzman InteriorsHolzman Interiors  is a full service interior design firm. From complete home renovations to furniture selection, Holzman Interiors does it all.

Lets face it, living space in the city can be tricky. It’s never enough and you always want a bit more of it! You must work with what you have and fully leverage design to your spacing advantage. One of the spaces that gets most compromised is the kitchen.  So here are a few tips on ways to make your kitchen feel bigger.

  • Painting your walls and cabinets in a lighter color will not only brighten up the space, but will also give the illusion of it being more expansive.  It is also important to add depth to the  room.  This can be done in a number of ways by simply using paint.  A semi-gloss paint will reflect light, and in turn, make the space appear more open. Likewise, painting the kitchen ceiling a shade lighter than the color used on the walls will give the appearance of a higher ceiling.

small kitchen remodel ideas, small design, kitchen

  • Window treatments can either close off a space or allow the space to feel expansive.  A few good options for window coverings are roman shades in a fabric that can easily be wiped down, vertical blinds in a light color, or light drapery fabric.  You want to avoid fabrics that are bulky and heavy.
  • If your kitchen is a closed kitchen but has space for dining furniture,  you want to choose pieces that are right in scale, are light in color, and  do not look bulky. Choosing the right furniture for this space is an exercise in finding a fine balance between form and function.


  • Organizing the kitchen and clearing out any clutter is key in opening up the space.  Get rid of anything that is  not used such as appliances, dishes and other utensils. The idea here is  remove those items that live on your kitchen counter and clutter nearby areas.  A good alternative to using your counter top as storage is to simply install storage hooks into your wall or ceiling.  You can also add shelving to artfully place your appliances.


  • Thinking outside of the box is key to “expanding” your kitchen.  There are many products out there that offer alternative solutions to traditional storage options. Look to retailers that specialize in storage solutions and see how you can incorporate that into your space.



Meet Pet-friendly Agent: Daniel Karran

bond-aries copy
Meet agent Daniel Karran  and his pet Harvey  We had a quick Q&A with him  about Harvey.

What is your pet’s type, name and age?

Shih Tzu, Harvey, 9 Months

Where did you find your pet?

He was a birthday gift from my best friend

What are your favorite pet-friendly places in the city?

Chelsea Piers ParkChelsea , Central Park, Washington Square - Greenwich Village , Cinema Cafe 34th - Midtown East

Do you have any stories about working with clients with pets in the city finding apts or do you have any tips for those with a pet who want to rent/buy?

My best tip is to never give up hope finding a place to rent or buy, if you own a pet. Our pets are welcome in many buildings and working with an agent is the best way to go. Advise your agent about your pet and provide all pertinent information,, like size, age, type and quantity of pets, so that we may effectively dedicate our time to find the perfect home! As agents, we are able to streamline searches for you to accommodate your companion.


What Can I Rent in NYC for Under $2100?

Today, Leasing Manager, Adjina Dekidjiev shows us what we can rent in NYC for under $2,100. 


Queen Sized Bedroom & Tons of Closet Space – Upper East Side


Area: Upper East Side
Location: 1st & 2nd Avenues
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $1,900


Amazing Newly Renovated – Upper East Side 


Area: Upper East Side
Location: York Avenue
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $1,900


Great Location! – Murray Hill 


Area: Murray Hill
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: LOFT
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $2,050

Tips for Cleaning Your NYC Apartment


by guestblogger HOMEJOY  Whether you are a parent or a college student Homejoy is a easy solution to help out with your household chores.


Moving can be stressful and time-consuming period. Ensuring you get your security deposit back will definitely be an added stress. Sometimes, making sure your home is spotless may just be the deciding factor. You will have little control over the normal wear and tear, but here are some cleaning tips to getting your place back to the condition it was when you moved in: 


Most NYC apartments do not come carpeted, but if your home does has carpet, you want to make sure to get rid of any and all stains. Start by doing spot cleans. This will allow you to address stains, and some of them may lift. If other stains have really seeped into the carpet, make sure to get the carpets professionally cleaned. You want to schedule this last so you do not run the risk of getting the carpets dirty again.


When cleaning cabinets, keep in mind there is an art to it; work your way from the top to the bottom and start from the back of the cabinets and work your way to the front. Before you scrub them down, do not forget to go over everything with a duster. Do not underestimate how much can be cleaned with soap and warm water.


The corners and baseboards are areas that are commonly overlooked when completing a standard cleaning; but way too often dust and dirt tends to linger there. Once you have broomed, take a damp cloth and wipe these areas down. The cloth will pick up any dust and dirt that was missed. If you do not have to repaint the walls, do your utmost to get rid of all marks that are on your wall. Make sure to remove all the nails, screws, and adhesives from the wall. If there are any visible holes after they are all removed, make sure to add some spackle and smooth it over with a spatula. Even the smallest mark or hole can stand out like a sore thumb to your landlord.


Disinfect the whole bathroom and wipe down all the surfaces, faucet handles, and knobs. Use vinegar to get rid of hard water stains in the toilet, tub, and sink. Dust the top of the medicine cabinet and wipe down the mirrors.


Cleaning the kitchen may take a great deal of time but make sure to pay attention to all the details. Start from top to bottom and start farthest away from the entry way. We would also suggest that you start with either the fridge or the oven because these will most likely take the longest. The last thing you want to do is mop the floors. Don’t forget to empty the dishwasher.

How to Adopt a Pet (And Save a Life!) Like a New Yorker



At BOND we are true animal lovers and are fully versed in pet-friendly buildings for those renters or buyers who have a furry family member. But for those who are interested in adopting a pet, we happened to come across an awesome site that has a list of animals (cats and dogs) that are on the “urgent list.”

Take a look at some of these animals as an example of great pets, if you are thinking about adopting or if someone you know is looking for a lovable furry friend. Please feel free to share this information as well!

bond-aries copy








Dogs – For the full updated ist please see the Urgent Pets On Death Row Website

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Cats - For the full list please see the Urgent Pets On Death Row Website

1900128_856383541040146_6960717634479813148_n16009_840638985947935_5434055848072165482_n 10696406_861634597181707_4051759188762622598_n


If you’re moving and looking to buy or rent a pet-friendly home, feel free to check out our pet- friendly listings on our website and meet some of our pet-friendly agents here:



What Three Properties Can I Buy this Fall in Manhattan?

Sales Manager Stacey Max highlights  three of BOND’s newest fall exclusive listings around Manhattan

Best Renovated Studio – Upper East Side 


Area: Upper East Side
Location: 1ST AVE.
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 2
Price: $315,000
Maintenance: $ 915
Percent Deductible: 60%

Mint Condition Studio in Famed Cast Iron Building - Greenwich Village 


Area: Greenwich Village/West Village
Location: Broadway and Unversity
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $493,000
Maintenance: $ 877
Percent Deductible: 58%
Down payment: 20%

Fully renovated with Central Park Views! – Upper West Side


Area: Upper West Side
Location: W 97TH
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Approx. Size:
732 sq.ft. (68
Price: $975,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 237
CC: $ 390


Tips on How to Personalize Your Rental


by guestblogger, Holzman Interiors, a full-service interior design company

Home Sweet Rental

The biggest challenge with a rental is knowing how to make it feel like a home. Holzman Interiors tells us there are many different ways to personalize your space and offers some great suggestions on how to make your rental feel like your own. 
  • Replacing old cabinet handles with new ones can instantly refresh your space.
  • You can really expand the look and feel of your space by adding mirrors. For a more dramatic effect, go for a large wall-sized mirror.
  • Painting your walls is the cheapest and most effective way to really personalize the space.
  • If your landlord doesn’t allow you to paint, you can personalize your walls with art, large tapestries, removable wall decals and a collage of framed pictures.
  • Changing your light fixture can make a huge impact to the space. If this is not allowed in your rental, then choose floor and table lamps that are beautiful in design and function.
  • You can create a built-in look by using tall bookcases and grouping them together.
  • Adding potted plants to your home can bring life to a space. If you have a terrace or balcony you can use tall potted bamboo to add some privacy to the area.

What Loft-like Rentals are Available by the South Street Seaport?

Today, Leasing Manager, Adjina Dekidjiev shows us a few loft-like listings in the Seaport Area

Exquisite Loft Duplex  - Seaport


Area: Seaport
Location: John Street
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: LOFT
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $4,700



 Luxury Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Apartment - Seaport


Area: Seaport
Location: Water Street
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $5,622


Brick, Beams and Space! – Seaport 

IMG_9228 (2)

Area: Seaport
Location: Beekman st
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $5,900


How to Maximize Space Like a New Yorker

by Guestblogger Caitlin Ward, Manager of Marketing Communications, for Storage Post Self Storage. Storage Post provides affordable, flexible and secure self storage options customized for the demands of city living.

Small living space is typical for New Yorkers. With their miniscule square footage, New York apartments make it challenging to find space for everything. Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve considered storing your food in the laundry room or if you’ve decided to become a minimalist out of sheer necessity. Small space storage is a challenge, but there’s hope for the downtrodden and storage-deprived. Here are some quick organization and storage ideas to de-clutter your home.


1. Use storage furniture wherever possible. Storage beds save tons of space and there’s a wide variety of other double-duty furniture, like storage benches and ottomans with removable lids and interior space.


2. Make walls work for you. Free up counter space in the kitchen by repurposing planter baskets as fruit or bread storage. Cut the basket in half and secure to the wall for instant small room storage. For entry way storage, install curtain rods to hang bags or coats, or just stick to good, old-fashioned shelves.


3. One word: built-ins. (Wait, is that two words?) Dressers, laundry storage, bookshelves, TV stands – you name it, and it can be recessed into the wall to clear more floor space. This does take a little know-how, but it’s a great storage solution.


4. Use every square inch. You know that weird space between the hall closet and laundry room, or the awkward size of the space under the stairs? Turn it into a mini work station with custom-fit shelves, desk space and a small chair. Or, install a little DIY bench with bookshelves to make a reading nook.


5. Downsize. Do you really need to keep you skis in the closet all year long? What about your stack of summer dresses? Seasonal storage at convenient, nearby storage facilities is a great way to clear up space now, while keeping your stuff close by. Some storage rentals even come with a free truck to help you move into your storage unit.


If you pay attention to these tips you will no longer have to refer to the Marauder’s Map to find what you need. Your home will be clutter-free, organized and *gasp*, roomy. Storage units are especially helpful when it comes to de-cluttering,