Design Challenge and Solution – Undesirable Paint Color


Here is a blog post on behalf of guest blogger Holzman Interiors – recipient of the 2015 Best of Houzz award. Holzman Interiors is a full service interior design firm:

In many NYC apartments (rentals) the default wall color is white. Certain landlords prohibit tenants from changing the paint used. No fear! Here are some ideas of how to jazz up your plain Jane walls.

And here is the other scenario some fall prey to: Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? You moved into your “new” home and absolutely hate the home’s interior paint but cannot afford to repaint? Luckily, there are several solutions to this design challenge that does not require too much time or money!

If you are not completely in love with your paint color, there are things you can do, short of repainting your interiors. Lighting can make a huge difference in how the color of the paint comes through. So before you head to the nearest home improvement store, here are your bulb options and how they can influence your interior colors: Incandescents have a yellow-amber lights that makes oranges, yellows and reds more vivid while muting greens and blues. Blues and greens are enriched by a flat cool light which comes from fluorescents. Halogens produce a white light that comes the closest to natural light and has the ability to make colors look more vivid. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) produce a spectrum of lights, from warm white, neutral to bluish white. LEDs come in cooler and warmer tones and in a spectrum of colors. You will want to experiment with these different bulbs to see how it affects your overall paint color.


Another solution to covering up a bad paint job is to apply things to your wall to distract the eye away from the offending wall color. You can display large pieces of art work, hang mirrors or place fabric onto the wall itself.

There are also inexpensive vinyl decals that you can purchase to spruce up your walls. Ribbons or tape can be used to create a design on the wall. You will want to make sure the colors and the size of these items are complementary to the current wall color.


You can also place things up against your wall to minimize the impact of the color. Things like tall bookshelves, shelving and large planters can add dimension and relief to the wall.

So, don’t let the color of your walls bring you down – simply rise up to this easy to fix challenge!




Testimonial Time: Ksenia Goleneva



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Ksenia Goleneva’s hard work paying off!

“Everyone knows finding an apartment in NYC is an exhausting journey through Hell that eventually depletes your will to live leaving your soul empty, hope for humanity destroyed, and belief in a benevolent being negated. Ksenia makes the process almost bearable. She was our “Virgil” as we descended through the 9 circles of NY real estate Hell. Honestly, our ONLY positive broker experience (and we met with 14 different brokers) was with Ksenia. She is a hard working, HONEST, funny, caring, and attentive person. She LISTENED! She was flexible with our work schedules. She was attentive and available, quick to answer all questions, and to respond to all e-mails/text messages. She went far above and beyond to help us find a home. No bait and switch. No lies. No c**p. Ksenia is BY FAR the best! We were extremely lucky to find her, now consider her a friend, and are forever grateful for all her hard work. Thanks Girl!!”

-Keely Mills

Upper West Side, 1BR, $3000

Testimonial Time: Kay Moon


We often get letters from happy apartment owners thanking our BOND team for helping them rent thier unit quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Kay Moons hard work paying off! 

“From start to finish, our experience with Kay Moon was incredibly pleasant and easy! She was great to work with; she has great professionalism and skills. Only took her about three weeks to find someone to rent our apartment. We are so pleased we chose Kay Moon as our agent. We want to thank Kay Moon for all her hard work!”

-Edward Dai

Harlem, 2 Br, $2300

Square Footage? It’s all Greek to me!

 By guest blogger BOND agent Sam Gogolak

CLEM article
When you begin your career as a real estate agent in New York, you realize quickly that you need to be prepared for the question, “What’s the price per square foot in X neighborhood these days?” Unprepared and grateful it’s just a good friend who is asking, you redirect attention to a property you recently saw. When you don’t have a concrete answer or the answer isn’t a good one, shift the conversation to something interesting that you know well! Pat yourself on the back, you think. You will be a great salesperson in no time!
Then you get to a computer and put together a list of neighborhoods in which you’re most interested. You look up the average price per square foot on various websites for each neighborhood and jot them down on Post It notes. This is how I learned Greek and Latin, you reminisce. It’s how I’ll learn the language of real estate too! Incorrect.
Reality comes crashing down. Or rather, reality has a strong, pre-war foundation. (Metaphors!) You already knew that co-ops, condos, and single family homes are going to have variable prices per square foot. Duh! But after previewing tons of properties, more pressing realities come into focus:
1) New construction, post-war, and pre-war condos in various neighborhoods offer enough variable square footage values to kill a rainforest of Post It notes.
2) Co-ops don’t really report square footage. (You’re buying shares, after all.) Run a comparable properties report on co-ops in any neighborhood. StreetEasy gives you the average price per square foot, but then scroll through the 100 comps it is using and you will notice that only 10 of them report (approximate) square footage. You can’t determine an average from a sample that small. #Math #Science #Ugh
3) Hallways. (For better or worse.)
4) Closets.
5) Who measures this stuff anyway? A foot is still 12 inches right?
6) Unless you’re an investor, you need to actually like the space and want to call it home. Not all square footage, whether reported accurately or not, is created (or renovated) equal.
7) Look! Skim coated walls and direct sunlight. Sold!
I’m reminded of my days in a previous career as a teacher. Some teachers wanted to co-write exams that were uniform and easily scored with points. Precious time would be wasted in meetings discussing whether it made sense that a True/False Question was worth 2 points while the introductory paragraph of an essay was worth 5 points. These are the kinds of meetings people write BuzzFeed parody posts about. (Ahem. Ahem #2.)
In the end, passionate teaching meant rewarding a student’s depth of understanding and appreciation that, yes, was somewhat subjectively judged. Showing your work meant showing care for the material. The same thing goes in real estate. When we show homes to buyers and later to friends at housewarming parties, we don’t say, “And check out this alcove. It’s 40 square feet bigger than Linda’s!” Real estate is about the quality of the space. What is the price per square foot of a square foot that has been thoughtfully incorporated into a design that suits the owner’s needs and taste? Maybe pricey — It’s NYC. Let’s be real — but also, priceless. (Follow-up article: “A Farewell to Armoires that Don’t Quite Fit in My Manhattan Rental”)
It turns out my instinct was right. Diverting attention away from the square footage question and instead to the holistic concept of an entire home was not only the savvy sales strategy but also the most practical response. In my blissful ignorance, I landed squarely on the essence of searching for a home. Since my days in academia, I’ve forgotten quite a bit of my Latin and Greek vocabulary and grammar. What I haven’t forgotten are the concepts of nostos, xenia, and oikos. The story of Odysseus’s journey is a nostos, a homecoming narrative. Along the way, he is at times treated to xenia, or hospitality, a central tenet of the Greek world. And when he arrives home in disguise, it is his knowledge of the Olive Tree bed (not square footage!) that demonstrates to his wife his knowledge of oikos, the conceptual word for home. (Follow-up article: “Home is where the proverbial Oak Tree Bed fits!”)
Searching for a home can be tiresome — an odyssey in its own right — but at the end of that journey is the sense of appreciation for those who have hosted you as a guest (at their open houses) and eventually of arriving at a home. The Odyssey has a very dramatic and strange ending (time to re-read Book 24?!), so get a good mortgage lender and attorney on your team so you get to the closing table. And be ready to do a little painting and decorating. You’ll get there! (Follow-op article: “My Own Private Parthenon, and Other Herculean Feats of Home Renovation”)
And seriously, to increase the value of a square foot, here is a ridiculously useful post (Thanks, BuzzFeed!):
Samuel Gogolak is a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at BOND New York. He specializes in Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn sales. Follow him on Facebook here:

Testimonial Time: Bryan Leon



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a  great letter from a renter about agent Bryan Leon‘s hard work paying off! 

“Bryan was extremely helpful through our entire move-in process. We had been experiencing difficulty finding the right apartment for us, but in one day of meeting with Bryan, he and his partner Mamuka were able to listen to what we were searching for, and find the right apartment for us. Bryan found several apartments that each fit our criteria, and having such a selection made the process that much easier. Also, Mamuka was extremely accommodating while we were looking at each apartment, and was very nice and answered all of our questions. We had an extremely enjoyable, stress-free and easy experience working with Bryan, Mamuka and Bond, and we will be returning for any apartment needs we may need in the future. Thank you again” ~Alex Lubin & Jessica Sisco

-Chelsea, 1Br, $2300

How to Furnish Your Space Like a New Yorker: Why Convertible Furniture is a New Yorker’s Best Friend Part 2

how to furnish apt like ny_er

By Guestblogger BoConcepts. BoConcept designs and manufactures urban modern furniture and lifestyle products that offer affordable luxury.

Today, with apartment sizes shrinking in major cities across the U.S. and with the average size of a New York City studio apartment at 550 square feet, furniture that is space-saving, modular, functional and stylish is highly coveted.

Enter: convertible furniture. Convertible furniture – or multi-purpose furniture –  often offers the most important pieces for small living spaces. Because of their multi-tasking functionality, they’re worth the extra investment. Here are some top picks for convertible furniture pieces for your Manhattan apartment:

Here are a few great examples from BoConcepts:

1) Chiva functional coffee table with storage, available in different colors.



2) Milano table with supplementary tabletop, available in different colors.



3) Melo sofa with reclining and sleeping function, available in different fabrics.



4) Xtra footstool with sleeping function, available in different fabrics.



5) Metro shoe cabinet with mirror, available in different colors.


Convertible furniture is a smart, versatile and stylish solution for New Yorkers with small apartments.

For a great resource on space-saving, convertible furniture – check out BoConcept furniture stores (Five locations in NYC alone!).

Testimonial Time: Brian Dusseau



We often get letters from happy buyers thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a  great letter from a buyer about agent Brian Dusseau‘s hard work paying off! 

“My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our experience with Brian and his dad Larry. They were not only extremely helpful with all stages of the buying (and renting) process but also very patient with us. Coming from Michigan, we were not familiar with NYC and certainly not familiar with the complicated buying process. We were both nervous that we would get a pushy impatient realtor. What we got from Brian and Larry was beyond our wildest dreams. Patient, kind, informative, always trying to understand our wants and needs. We felt that at all times they were really acting in our best interest and not just trying to close the deal. In addition, Brian provided recommendations for an attorney, a lender and even an accountant, all of which turned out to be great to work with as well. Brian was always available 24/7 for a phone call or answering a quick question via text. We HIGHLY recommend them!!!”~Mark and Sue Hoffmann

Park Slope, 1Br, $665k

Testimonial Time: Afrim Rexha


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Afrim Rexhas hard work paying off! 


Working with Afrim was a pleasure. Apartment hunting in NYC is very stressful, especially for first time renters. Afrim made the process easier. He took the time to get know my personal tastes and preferences, and tirelessly searched for that perfect apartment. Working with an agent like Afrim helps avoid the constant and and often futile attempts to find an apartment by solely searching online listings. He is highly recommended.” – JB

-UWS, 1BR, $2100

What Apartments With Skyline Views Are For Sale Today?

BOND Sales Manager, Stacey Max, gives us three apartments with incredible skyline views that you can buy today.

Amazing 700 sq.ft1BR Apartment! Perfect Location!- Midtown West


Area: Midtown West
Location: 12th Ave
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $900,000

Gorgeous Modern 1BR Downtown- Financial District


Area: Financial District
Location: 40 Broad St
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $995,000

Breathtaking Pre-War Penthouse with Terrace- Upper West Side


Area: Upper West Side
Location: RSD & WEA
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Price: $1,100,000


Testimonial Time: Kristine DeVine


We often get letters from happy clients thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here are several great letters from numerous clients about agent Kristine DeVines hard work paying off for them. 

“Kristine DeVine is amazing! She has gotten my husband and I into our past two apartments. Both times she has gone above and beyond to find us EXACTLY what we want in the price range we can afford. She is tireless, thorough, and most of all passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her. 10 stars!!!” – Tara B. – 10 Stars

~UWS, One Br Duplex, $3000


Kristine DeVine was a go send when I was moving to NY. She knew exactly what I wanted and was able to find apartments within my price range, in the area I wanted. Compared to the other agents I had used before I found her, they could not find what I wanted, and were also slightly underhanded in their approach. I found Kristine to be honest, trustworthy, and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to find me the best apartment for the $$. I would definitely recommend her to anyone at any time.” – Senanu A. – 10 Stars

~UWS, 1 Br, $2850