What Three Luxurious Properties Can I Rent Today?

Today Rental Manager Adjina Dekidjiev highlights three of BOND’s most fabulous looking rentals.


 Jaw-Dropping Pre-War Loft – Soho


Area: SoHo
Location: Spring and Prince
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $9,500

Newly Completed Green Condo – Chelsea


Area: Chelsea
Location: 6TH & 7TH Avenue
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rooms: 5
Approx. Size:
1,261 sq.ft. (117 sq.mt.)
Rent: $10,508


Mind-blowing 4 bedroom Penthouse – Tribeca


Area: Tribeca
Location: Church Street
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Approx. Size:
5,000 sq.ft. (465 sq.mt.)
Rent: $29,950

Testimonial Time: David Kazemi


We often get letters from happy sellers thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here are two great letters from sellers about agent David Kazemi’s hard work paying off for them. 



“David Kazemi did a terrific job selling our condo in Greenpoint. He was instrumental in getting the place in stunning condition for online window shopping and by the first open house we had what ended up being our final offer. I’d definitely recommend working with David in the future!”


—-Ben Rubin, Leonard Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sold for over-ask after just one open house.




“David Kazemi did a great job. He connected us with a good stager, organized a blockbuster open house and sourced several prospects from personal connections to buyers’ agents. In the end, he got us three bona fide offers above asking. Most importantly, he was fair and transparent in his dealings with us. We never felt like we were being led into something that wasn’t in our interest because it was easier or better for him. I’ve already recommended him to three people. I’ll keep doing so.”


—-Justin Karr, Leonard Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sold duplex with private garden and sauna. After staging a bidding war ensued and it sold for $50k over-ask.


What apartment with a fireplace can I buy in NYC today?

Because winter’s chill is suddenly upon us, Sales Manager Stacey Max highlights these properties with fireplaces that can warm us on those cold NYC nights.


Sprawling Three Bedroom Loft – SoHo


Area: SoHo
Location: Thompson St
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Approx. Size:
2,250 sq.ft. (209 sq.mt.)
Price: $3,995,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 1,247
CC: $ 957
Down payment: 10%


Rare Penthouse Oasis With a Grand Rooftop – SoHo


Area: SoHo
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Price: $4,500,000


Privacy; Quiet; Sunlight and Open Views! – Upper West Side 


Area: Upper West Side
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Price: $489,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Down payment: 20%

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Here is another blog post on behalf of guest blogger Holzman Interiors -  Holzman Interiors is a full service interior design firm. No job is too big or small.  From complete home renovations to furniture selection,

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


One of the biggest challenges living in New York City is finding a place with adequate storage – there is just never enough space.  So what are your options? It either rent storage space or get super creative!
One of the first things you can do is invest in smart multi-purpose furniture pieces.  You want to look for pieces that are versatile in their use. A great example would be a sofa that pulls out into a bed and offers storage space – this really does exist – how amazing is that!
Shelving is key to adding storage space.  This is where your level of creativity can really come into play.  There is no limitation on where you can place shelving.  You could frame a doorway with shelving, you could take an entire wall and place shelving throughout.  The key takeaway is to essentially maximize wall space.
Bookcases are also versatile in their use.  You could use a bookcase to hold your sweaters, handbags and other clothing items in place of a traditional dresser.  And whats so great about the open shelving, is that your amazing pieces are on display – as they should be!
Maximize the space under your bed!  Best way to do this is to purchase plastic bins on casters that allow for easy access to your items.  This is also a good place to keep those items that you rarely use.
You don’t have to sacrifice an open floor plan for storage – you can have it all!  The best way to do this is to use half wall partitions with built in storage.  This creates some division, without fully compromising the open flow of your home.
The best approach in creating storage within your space is to first analyze what you have, priortize your items and get creative!

Ten Iconic Movie Locations You Can Visit in New York

by Guestblogger Jack Piccone


Who’s the biggest movie star in the world? You might be tempted to say acting titans George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, but they’ve only been around for the last couple of decades. New York City, on the other hand, has been featured on film since the dawn of cinema, and its majestic locations have been consistently popular with indie filmmakers, film school students and Hollywood studios ever since.

With thousands of movies capturing the Big Apple over the last hundred years, there are an endless number of iconic movie locations you could visit in the city, whether you’re a tourist or a life-long New Yorker. What’s fascinating is that no matter how beautiful even the most talented, film school taught directors can make the city look on camera, it’s never a match for the real thing. New York was meant to be seen in person by the naked eye, a living, and breathing, gorgeous museum in itself.


Here are just ten of the countless iconic movie locations you can visit in New York:


1. Big – FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz hasn’t shied away from Big’s big scene in their store, featuring a now-iconic giant keyboard Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia played with some fancy footwork. They don’t just allow but encourage you and your friends to come in and try your own hand, er, foot, at diddies like “Heart and Soul” and “Chopsticks.” If you’re worried you can’t compete with some of the ringers who show up to the midtown toy store well prepared, you can always sneak in some piano lessons beforehand from places like Piano Lessons NYC. Of course you’re just as welcome as to jump around like a crazy person—it’s New York!


2. Ghostbusters – The New York Public Library

New York City has a great library system, with dozens of beautifully designed branches scattered across all five boroughs – each worthy of a visit. Ghostbusters fans might want to check out the main branch on 42nd Street’s Bryant Park though. While the filmmakers got a little clever switching out some of the interiors, the regal lion statues on the steps of the library are the real deal, as well as the famous Rose Reading Room the Ghostbusters first trample through in the beginning of the movie.


3. Saturday Night Fever – The Verrazano Bridge

While the famed shot of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sitting on the river in front of the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan might be the more well known image, who can forget Saturday Night Fever’s John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney at the mouth of New York Harbor, gazing at the Verrazano Bridge? The Verrazano, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island, is one of the largest bridges in the world, a massive feat of engineering that is indescribable to behold looking up from its base. Ask John Travolta—seeing this bridge in person is worth any neck cramps.


4. Home Alone 2 – Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is home to the Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live and has been prominently featured in films and sitcoms for decades. Seeing its brightly lit Christmas tree above its popular skating rink is a holiday tradition for thousands if not millions of people.  One if its most heartwarming appearances on camera though comes from an unlikely source—the slapstick comedy Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Seeing Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin reunited with his mother in front of the massive evergreen is a sweet, emotional scene that befits such a wondrous, magical New York location.


5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Holly Golightly’s Brownstone

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a movie as adorable and charming as its star, Audrey Hepburn, and a lot of that charm comes from New York City itself. Holly Golightly’s brownstone has that ineffable New York quality of blending in with everything else while retaining its own unique individuality. The actual brownstone used in the movie just went on the market, so any true film buffs with eight million dollars laying around might want to buy it for themselves.



6. Sleepless in Seattle – Top of the Empire State Building

Looking for somewhere to take your sweetheart? The top of the Empire State Building has been great for cinematic couples throughout the last century. The real question is what kind of relationship are you in—the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan kind, or the Fay Wray/King Kong kind? Either way, the Empire State Building is for you.


7. The Godfather Part II and III – The Feasts of New York

New York is a melting pot, the blood of immigrants of all nations running through its veins. Italian-Americans have found a home here in the city along with everyone else, and the feasts of Catholic saints can be found in all parts of the city. The Feast of San Rocco features prominently in film school favorite The Godfather, Part II. It’s less popular followup, Godfather Part III, features the more popular festival, the Feast of San Gennaro. Held every September in Little Italy, the Feast of San Gennaro is a great way to experience one of New York’s most cherished cultures, along with some top-notch sausage and peppers.


8. The Warriors – Coney Island

The Warriors is a dark movie, quite literally – it takes place almost entirely at night. But the gang’s triumphant victory is showcased at sunrise as they walk through the rides at Coney Island, the Wonder Wheel towering behind them. The rides and beach of Coney Island are only a subway ride away, though you might want to pick a better wardrobe. (Unless, of course, it’s the Mermaid Parade, then you’ll fit right in.)


9. When Harry Met Sally – Katz’s Deli

Katz’s Deli is known for its great food, as well as for a certain Meg Ryan performance. Not only does Katz’s let you have what she’s having, they’ll even let you book the same table she shared with Billy Crystal in the classic When Harry Met Sally. You’re also free to reenact the, er, passionate scene, though everyone around you might beg to differ.


10. Men in Black – New York State Pavilion

New York hasn’t had a World’s Fair in a while, but the remnants of the 1964 Expo still remain in Flushing Meadows, Queens. The New York State Pavilion and globe-fountain Unisphere are destroyed in the climax of Will Smith vehicle Men in Black, but in real life they’re standing strong right where they’ve been the past fifty years. If you’re in the area for a Mets game or just exploring one of Queens’ most picturesque parks, you should check out this piece of the city’s history. Just watch out for any aliens.



What Harlem Apartment with Outdoor Space Can I Buy Today?

Today sales manager Stacey Max, shows us what apartments we can buy in Harlem with outdoor space.

Large One Bedroom with Two BalconiesHarlem


Area: Harlem
Location: Lenox Avenue & Adam Clayton Blvd
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Approx. Size:
836 sq.ft. (78 sq.mt.)
Price: $425,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
CC: $ 241


Luxury Condo with  high ceilings and 3 outdoor spaces - East Harlem


Area: East Harlem
Location: 1st Ave & Pleas
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Approx. Size:
1,278 sq.ft. (119 sq.mt.)
Price: $889,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 52
CC: $ 921

Stunning Two Bedroom/Two Bathroom with Two TerracesEast Harlem


Area: East Harlem
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Approx. Size:
1,188 sq.ft. (110 sq.mt.)
Price: $1,025,000
Maintenance: $ 1,394
Percent Deductible: 34%

What is Your Favorite Cold Weather Treat in NYC?


“Grand Marnier in a large cup of hot chocolate at the Café Henri, Long Island City. Also, watching the ice skaters at lunch at the Rock Center Cafe. They have the best hamburger and curly fries on the planet!
- agent, Larry Dusseau

“Mine is the hot chocolate at Serendipity on East 60th Street in Upper East Side. Fabulous, but a special treat, as we must watch our figures.”


“Can’t beat the hot chocolate at City Bakery, in Flatiron. They have a calendar of flavors that they call the Hot Chocolate Festival plus their pretzel croissants are delicious in any kind of weather.”

-agent, Jeanine LeNy 

unnamed (1)

Golden Krust near port authority has amazing chicken soup. It is a tiny bit spicy for some but very hearty and it REALLY warms me UP!  I love it.”

-Marketing Coordinator, Carla Harrilal 


Ice Skating at Bryant Park! And the best part about it is if you bring your own ice skates and lock (like I do), admission and lockers are free!”

-agent, Lilia Berzon

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 3.40.02 PM

“One of my favorites winter/holiday spots to meet friends is the bar at Gramercy Tavern for a holiday toast or even dinner while sitting at the bar.  It is always cozy and a great spot to socialize while having a 5 star dining experience.  The food, hospitality and atmosphere is perfect and it is conveniently located in the FlatIron District.  They don’t take reservations for sitting at the bar but it is always a civilized experience, once you check in with your name they will give you an approximate wait time for sitting down to eat.  It’s on a 1st come 1st serve basis so once a spot opens up at the bar for you and your friends you can immediately sit and start your dining experience.  I don’t think I have ever waited longer than a half hour, 45 minutes which only really seems to be like 5 minutes if you are with good company.  It is definitely one of my favorite hot spots, especially in the winter months.
Bowling at Bowlmor in Chelsea Piers with pizza and drinks. Also a ride on the sophisticated dinner & dancing river boat Bateaux from Chelsea Piers is great!

“Buy a Pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Gowanus. Sip an old fashioned at Rye in Williamsburg. Shuffleboard like you’re on a tropical vacation at the Miami styled Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus!”

-agent, Samuel Gogolak


“A steaming bowl of pot au feu at L’Absinthe in the Upper East Side.  It’s a warm and comforting savory beef, studded with earthy vegetables,in an intoxicating broth. On a cold, slushy day,it  makes me feel like I’m in a cozy bistro in France.

-agent, Diane Karnett


The Temple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of Art especially on a snowy day.”

-agent, Sasha (Aleksandra) Sankovich


“Bowling  at Lucky Strike. It’s a casual environment where you can just hang out, have a couple of drinks and bowl and have an overall good time. Also Karaoke at Karaoke DUET 48.in Midtown East.  It’s fun making a total fool of yourself among your friends.
” Go to Bella Luna in the Upper West Side and have home made meatballs with a glass of wine !

“As far as winter weather is concerned  230 Fifth, rooftop bar. They give you when it’s cold outside on the rooftop. It’s a pretty cool experience.  I also think Spa Castle in Queens is also good. Nothing like the snow falling on you while you’re in the hot tub,  really interesting dynamic”

-agent, Ari Silverstein 


Robert is the restaurant at the Design Museum at Columbus Circle. I found myself dining with a friend in window seats during a snow storm. It was so nice to watch the snow pile up outside from inside the restaurant .

What You Need to Know About Combining Units

Recently BOND agent Michael Chadwick had a client interested in combining units in a building. Oftentimes at BOND we have clients interested in buying two or more units within the same building in close proximity to combine them in order to make one huge space. Because this can frequently be a complicated process both from sales and legal perspectives, we decided to consult the experts: Sales Manager Stacey Max and real estate attorney C. Jaye Berger, Esq.*

combining apts

According to Stacey Max, “It’s difficult to talk in general terms about change in value because it can depend so much on how well the combination works in terms of the flow of the space.  Larger apartments are definitely valuable in the city right now because more larger households and families are deciding to stay in the city, and they need the large apartments.  Many buildings weren’t originally built with large apartments of 3BRs or more.  
So there can be an incredible increase in value from two one bedrooms to a two-bedroom or larger.  However, if the layout of the combined larger apartment doesn’t work, then the value won’t necessarily be there.
When an agent is working with a buyer to find a larger multi-bedroom apartment, the agent would start by searching for apartments the ideal size.  And a good broker or more than one cooperating broker could market a potential combination as one listing at the larger size and the combined price.  If the potential combination is being marketed that way, then it would be easy to find.  If the two individual apartments aren’t being marketed together, it would be up to the agent to search for adjacent apartments that are for sale, or to contact the owner adjacent to a property for sale to see if that owner might be interested in selling too.  Every owner can become a seller at the right price!”

Beyond that, the legalities are even more complex. C. Jaye Berger, a real estate attorney in Manhattan who focuses on real estate, co-op and condo law, construction law and litigation, has this to share:
*(Disclaimer: Buyers/ Sellers should seek advice of legal counsel)

“Renovations of individual co-op apartments have become increasingly common and complex, as many people  have chosen to stay in their apartments as their need for space expands, rather than buying houses in the suburbs. As a result, many buyers have purchased two, and sometimes three apartments, in one building and have decided to combine them in order to acquire the space that they need. These renovations are sometimes multi-million dollar affairs. In some co-op buildings, half the apartments are combined apartments.

When purchasing such apartments, it is important to verify that they have been “legally” combined.  One cannot take that for granted. Some buildings close their eyes and allow an opening to be made between the apartments without requiring them to be technically combined. The idea is that people still have the flexibility of being able to sell two separate apartments, if they need to do that down the road. However, when purchasing two apartments, banks financing such purchases  want to know that they are, in fact, combined or will be combined  as of the date of the closing, so that their investment is protected and secured.

In one closing, the co-op and the bank required that probes be made in the two apartments, before approving the closing,  to ensure that they could in fact be combined. The building did not have a set of the original plans and was not certain that they could structurally be combined. This involved having a separate agreement between the parties, with money held in escrow,  to allow this work, since the buyer did not own the apartments they were cutting into and they might cause damage.

In another situation, two combined apartments were marketed as one joined apartment. When the attorneys were negotiating the terms of the Contract of Sale, it turned out that the seller did not have the paperwork proving that they had been legally combined.  The seller had owned the apartment for a number of years prior to such documents being online. The seller was certain they were legally combined, but could not prove it. This resulted in the need for an expediter to be retained by the seller to go back in the NYC Department of Buildings records to find the paperwork. The actual document is called a Letter of Completion.  Since this search might take a while, language had to be drafted into the Contract of Sale to require this paperwork as a condition of closing. In other words, the seller not having this paperwork ready, caused a lot more time to be spent prior to signing the Contract of Sale. This paperwork should have been on hand before the seller put the apartment on the market.

In another scenario, someone may own one apartment and another becomes available next door and they want to buy it and join them. This would be done after the closing as an application under an Alteration Agreement with the co-op. The shareholder buying the second apartment is usually treated as any new buyer would be and must submit a Board Package. The buyer would need to work with both an attorney and an expediter or architect on the process of combining the units. In this example, the buyer would be paying for the work done  to combine them. In the example above, if it turns out that the units were not legally combined, the seller would be paying for the work that needs to be done.

When combining apartments, an application would need to be made to DOB for a permit  to remove the wall between the apartments. There can only be one kitchen after the combination, unless the party has a need for two kitchens for religious reasons. The second kitchen is usually all or mostly removed, with the stove, in particular, being removed and the gas capped. Plumbing is also removed in the kitchen. The end result is a Letter of Completion, which is presented at or prior to the closing.

There are also many instances of co-op apartment owners buying portions of hallway and roof top space to complete their renovation  plans. There may be top floor apartment owners who want to build on the roof. Roofs in co-op buildings are usually just areas that shareholders may have exclusive use of, so building on them is not a real option, unless space is actually sold to the shareholder for more shares. In condominium buildings, roof space can be owned and built on, but more and more condo buildings have alteration agreements like in co-op buildings.”



*Copyright © 2014, C. Jaye Berger, Esq.  All rights reserved. C. Jaye Berger, Esq.,

Law Offices C. Jaye Berger, with offices at 110 E. 59th St., 22nd Fl., New York, New York 10022,   (212) 753-2080.  Ms. Berger focuses on real estate, co-op and condo law, construction law and litigation.



What 2 Bedrooms with an Empire State Bldg View Can I Rent Today?

Rental Manager, Adjina Dekidjiev shows us was two bedrooms we can rent with an Empire State Building View!

The Best City Views!Chelsea 


Area: Chelsea
Location: W 29th Street
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $4,750

Lots of Light at This Large 2BR/2BA -  Chelsea


Area: Chelsea
Location: 7th & 8th Avenues
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $5,225

Elegant Renovated ApartmentMidtown West


Area: West 30s – Clinton
Location: Tenth and Eleventh Avenues
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $7,500





by Guestblogger and BONDie Bree Perlman


New York City is like no other city in the world and attending college here is very different than what you might experience on a traditional campus. According to our fellow New York City college students from the School of Visual Arts, there are a few things you need to have to survive college in the city: “A sense of humor, a MetroCard, and a refined internal compass (or a subway map app)” says Danica Nelson, 3rd year screenwriting student.  Britta Rankl, 4th year photography student seconds the MetroCard and adds, “Comfortable shoes and a bathtub.” And Ryan Rakes, 3rd year computer art student stresses that survival in New York City as a college student requires “a connection to your classmates and your major” to keep you grounded. Read on for more tips on how to attend college like a New Yorker.


Take advantage of student dining.

Nelson explains that while the types of foods consumed depends on “what type of lifestyle rules they are trying to abide by” but she believes the “universal answer” is Trader Joes. Rakes agrees saying, “Trader Joe’s has some of the cheapest groceries.” The only catch? Rakes says, “There are usually huge lines and its’ super crowded.” He advises to go between “1pm and 3pm” or around “9:30pm – 10pm.” However, if you’re going for the late shift be warned: “the downfall about going late is that a lot of the times they sell out of certain things and don’t replenish them.”

As for dining out, the city is full of restaurants that offer student discounts near each major campus. Rakes likes Sea King II which offers up to 20% off, Moe’s Southwestern Grill, Lyric Diner and Hibachi Express. And if you really want to keep it cheap, Britta Rankl, says she is “a big supporter of dollar pizza at Two Bros and Taco Bell” reasoning, that “anywhere she can feed her tummy under $5 is good for her.” Student friendly restaurants typically surround each campus, Space Market on University Place – Greenwich Villiage,  a popular one with NYU students for take-out. If you’re looking for dining near your college, go to yelp.com and search “food, student discounts.”


If you are considering leaving campus housing to rent an apartment on your own, do your homework.

Douglas Wagner, Director of Broker Services at BOND says “It’s important to identify a broker with whom you feel comfortable and let them be your partner and collaborator.” He also recommends getting an idea of your monthly budget and start to assemble financial documents such as recent bank statements, income statements, tax returns (if applicable). When it comes to what is considered income for a student Wagner says, “Many landlords will consider student loans, grants, scholarships, stipends, etc. as income however, if they are one time awards to pay out over a limited timeline, a guarantor may still be required.” Wagner says many students rely on a guarantor, someone who is “essentially assuring a landlord that you default on your lease in any way, they will correct the misstep and take care of it.” Thinking about roommates? Wagner advises, “It’s important to know whether a landlord will allow incomes to be combined in order to fulfill the 40 times the rent income requirement. Keep in mind that if you will need a guarantor, and considering roommates, Wagner says, “There’s no such thing as a partial guarantee where one parent can guarantee only their child’s portion. The guarantor is responsible for everyone named on the lease or living in the property.”


Go big box and discount stores when it comes to making your dorm room/first college apartment a home.  

Nelson recommends Bed, Bath and Beyond saying, “it’s a mecca for home goods that are cheap and practical.” Another bonus? Nelson says, “Their coupons never expire, so you can always find a great deal.”  They have an entire “Shop for College” section on their website. She’s also a fan of The Container Store. Rankl likes “Dollar Stores, hands down.” Although coming from a town with “real” Dollar Stores, it took some “adjusting to the fact that not everything is actually a dollar.” Having said that, Rankl still feels that it’s “quite affordable.”


Yes, you can shop. Selectively.

Rakes says he only “shops for necessities in the city” and recommends Duane Reade for class supplies in a pinch because there is “one every couple of blocks.” If you are going to buy clothes Rakes suggests good budget stops at “H&M and Uniqlo.” For clothing, Nelson recommends the thrift stores in the city. Beacon’s closet is a popular one among the NYU crowd. She also likes Forever 21 and Burlington Coat Factory for inexpensive clothing.  For everything else? “Target”, says Nelson. Rankl also recommends thrift stores outside of the city and credits Metro-North for getting there, calling those trains a “godsend.”  If thrift shops aren’t your thing, you can also take the Metro-North Railroad to Woodbury Common Outlets which have 220 designer stores with everything from Banana Republic to Chanel.


Sign up for Studentrate.com

Rated Reader’s Choice on About.com for Best Site for Student Deals, Studentreate.com is absolutely free. Just sign up with an .edu email address and you automatically qualify for deals throughout the city. Gunhan Unal, CEO and founder of the site says that while the site is designed for students, “Parents can take advantage as well, depending on the deal.” They have everything from a local vendor that will fix your broken iphone screen, local hair salon deals and discounts on textbooks to partnerships with major brands such as Apple, Forever 21, Nordstrom and Sephora (one of the site’s most popular deals, according to Unal). The website will detect your location and is also optimized for mobile devices. Coupons and discounts can be sent directly to your phone.  And if you’re traveling to Miami on spring break or visiting a friend in Boston for the weekend, Studentrate.com has deals in 23 metropolitan cities.


Subways are your friend. As long as you know how to use them.

Walking and the subway are the preferred method of transportation for our student contributors. Nelson says she uses the subway, “all day, every day”. Rakes says he “enjoys the walk” but agrees with some sort of subway map and is a big fan of the app Embark NYC saying “I find myself commuting on the subway very often and would have been completely lost in the beginning without it!”  He also uses his skateboard and bike as free, convenient modes of transport. In general, college students are not eligible for free MTA subway and bus transportation but you can save money if you purchase a 7-day or 30-day Unlimited Ride MetroCard .  Some colleges will provide transportation if your dorm is particularly far away from the main campus (School of Visual Arts provide students who live at the Ludlow Residence Hall (101 Ludlow Street) a free, unlimited monthly MetroCard.)


Plan, Plan, Plan. Budget, Budget, Budget.

Nelson says that planning is half the battle so you don’t wind up in trouble. She explains, “Plan your morning commute. Plan your monthly budget. Plan everything and then stick to it!” Her logic comes from experience. She says, “Subways break down and unexpected expenses pop up. College is stressful enough and the last thing you want to be is extremely stressed because your train is delayed or you ran out of lunch money.”

Rakes says, “City life is very fast paced and so is the college life. Learning how to budget time is very important. Nelson agrees with the budgeting and in addition to time, financial budgeting is a must. She explains, “At the beginning of every month, you should plan out all of your expenses: rent (if you pay it), bills, food, entertainment, and a little bit of cushion in case of an emergency.” Nelson says that getting into the habit of planning your expenses will “guarantee you are less stressed and able to enjoy what the city has to offer.


Get out there and enjoy it.

Nelson says to take advantage of websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Lifebooker, and deals through her school student center. Rakes says there are lots of things to do that are free and cheap like, “walking around and visiting places like the East River – Lower East Side and the HighlineChelsea.” He also says, “Parks are great for skateboarding, biking and jogging and there are a ton of free concerts that occur weekly in the city.” Rankl recommends, “Packing lunches and going on adventures with friends. You either walk to an exciting place or you spend the $2.50 for the subway.” Check out Time Out’s Magazine’s digital version for a current run down of events happening in the city on the cheap. You should also check your college’s website for special deals and discounts on entertainment. NYU has regular discounts on movies, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, sporting events, and other events (www.nyu.edu/life/resources-and-services/nyu-box-office/ticket-central.html). You will just need to present your student ID.

But make sure to find a balance.

All of our contributors agree: attending college in New York is “extremely exciting.” Rankl describes the city as always “hopping’” and friends are always doing things. And while she says “This is what makes the city so great, it can also be a curse.”  Rankly says, ‘NYC is not only a great resource but also a great distraction. Balance that.” Nelson adds, “New York is a competitive environment and if you’re good at what you do, some might be threatened by that.” She says, it’s important to ignore them and “focus on what it is you came here to do.”