How to Work Out Like a New Yorker



With the winter finally behind us it’s time to face the summer and a lot less clothing. We talked to personal trainer Serge Pretto for some advice on how to reach our performance, health and fitness goals we may have let slip during our hibernation period the last few months.


For those that have never worked with a personal trainer, what can someone expect?

I schedule an introductory session to assess your need and to introduce you to my system. The client will receive a complete physical fitness program based on their needs and what it entails. I also explain the changes the body undergoes and your expectations in achieving the desired results.
What are some tips to get in shape for the summer?

Stay away from processed foods. To get the most from your training, a healthy diet combining fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and plenty of water is imperative to weight loss, muscle gain, and proper cell functionality. Reduce stress.  Proper and regular exercise reduces stress and aids in weight loss. The same goes for sleep. Many people suffer from sleep problems, snoring and insomnia. Physical exercise and training can address these problems by putting the body in balance and reducing body fat.


What are some of the benefits of working out with a personal trainer as opposed to going at in on your own?

The personal trainer can tailor a specific routine to gain faster results. The trainer provides the motivation to keep you on track with your fitness goals and knows how to make the necessary adjustments if something is working for you.


How long does it usually take for clients to see results?

It really depends. We are all built differently and our bodies respond differently. It is also important that the client helps themselves in the process by truly following the trainer’s advice.


What do you find most rewarding about being a personal trainer?

I love to help people. I love to see my clients making progress, be able to transform their body and achieve their fitness goals. When you take control of your health and fitness you are taking control of your life. Knowing that I can be part of their process is very rewarding. I remember one client when he started with me he was overweight and depressed. After a couple of months of changing his lifestyle, diet and exercise he became a totally different person.

Testimonial Time: Carole Cusani


We often get letters from happy buyers thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a buyer about agent Carole Cusani‘s hard work paying off!

“We couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Carole. She made our experience as first time home buyers very pleasant. It was clear from the beginning that she understood what we were looking for and was very accessible to us throughout the process, without being pushy. Highly recommended!” Melissa Gentile Upper East Side, 1BR, $590K

Testimonial Time: Mark Benson



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently.

Here is two great letters from renters about agent Mark Benson‘s hard work paying off!


“Mark did a phenomenal job. I wasn’t the easiest person to find an apartment for due to credit issues. But I met with Mark for the first time on a Saturday, and just six days later I was signing a lease for a beautiful new apartment that meets all of my needs. Mark was very accessible, and worked very hard to coordinate the assembly of documents from me and my guarantor, and to resolve issues that came up with the management company and owners of my new apartment, and to help satisfy the concerns that the owners had about taking me on as a tenant. He did what was necessary to get the deal done. And it wasn’t easy!”

Harvey Silikovitz

Upper East Side, Studio, $1950


This was my first time renting an apartment alone and Mark was wonderful throughout the whole process. He was very helpful and made every step of the way very easy and seamless. Thank you!”

Jessica Hurley

Midwood Brooklyn, Studio, $1200


What Apartments with Outdoor Space Can You Buy Today?

Today Sales Manager, Stacey Max shows us three of our two bedroom apartments with outdoor space for sale exclusively via BOND.

STUNNING 2br/2.5 ba PH w/2 TERRACESEast Harlem


Area: East Harlem
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5
Approx. Size:
1,188 sq.ft. (110
Price: $1,025,000

Fabulous West Village HomeGreenwich Village/West Village


Area: Greenwich Village/West Village
Type: Coop
Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2
Rooms: 4
Price: $1,575,000

Townhouse duplex condo w/ private gardenWilliamsburg


Area: Williamsburg
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1.5
Approx. Size:
1,497 sq.ft. (139
Price: $1,400,000

Have questions about these properties, don’t hesitate to email us at Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out for all of our listings.

Testimonial Time: Jordan Rutcofsky



We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Jordan Rutcofsky‘s hard work paying off!

“I recently moved to NYC and thanks to Jordan, I now know that it was a good move! When I first started looking for a place with other agents, it was so depressing that I was close to wanting to leave. Then I reached out to Jordan and not only he responded right away but he understood after one brief call exactly what I needed. Once he found my ideal place (budget, place and more square footage than I thought I could get in Manhattan), his work did not stop there. I have been out of the country for a while and my credit history suffered from that discontinuity. He made sure I got the place I wanted. Living the life! thanks to Jordan” -Marta Pazos

~Midtown, 1BR, $3,500

Testimonial Time: Jason Kim


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently.

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Jason Kim‘s hard work paying off!

Excellent, hands down 5-star experience working with him. Jason was extremely attentive from the first day I emailed him (a response to an ad I believe was listed on Rent Hop). He responded to all emails, texts and questions super fast, and got us into a dream apartment – with our two pets – in just a short few weeks time. No BS, nothing but professionalism and real talk about what was available and when we could get in. I had previously dealt with agents from many other agencies during my long, arduous apartment search and they didn’t seem to pay attention to the specifications I required for the type of building, pet policy, time-frame, etc… hence, I got nowhere… until I found Jason at Bond! We had a SLIGHT issue with the apartment maintenance when we moved in, but in retrospect, it wasn’t a huge deal, just an inconvenience that was easily solved and exacerbated by our nerves moving in. However, Jason STILL followed through and went completely out of his way to make sure we were comfortable, and was very understanding. Now we’re sitting here relaxing with our dogs watching TV in our new apartment, which we LOVE, and couldn’t be happier… Thank you for helping us get one step closer to our goals!!!”

~Stefania Sicurelli


Upper East Side, Studio, $2250

Testimonial Time: Jeff Silberman


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Jeff Silberman‘s hard work paying off!

“Working with Jeff Silberman was a really great experience. NYC real estate is unlike anywhere else in the country, and it’s not always easy to find a great realtor to help you find a great apartment. Jeff made the process of finding an apartment enjoyable, and he made it seem easy! He sat with us and listened to exactly what we were looking for, and found that for us. I highly recommend him!”

-Laura Habecker

-UES, 2br, $2,650

Agent Poll: What’s your favorite NYC food?


With over 500 agents in 7 offices, there is little our BONDies don’t have an opinion about. Check out their favorite NYC food?

Falafal’s from Mamoun’s in the West Village”

-Mamoun’s, Greenwich Village/West Village

~Agent, Gulsey Torenli

“Betony’s foie gras Bon bons rolled in crushed cashews.

Why? It’s delicious.”

-Betony’s, Midtown

“Markt in Chelsea. Why? Because it’s near the Chelsea Office and perfect for a quick bowl of mussels (lots of  iron if you are a regular blood donor like me.)

Markt, Chelsea

Kossar’s bialys in the LES. Why? Truly ONLY in NYC. Can’t get a good bialy to save your life in Saratoga  and no one even knows what they are.”

Kossar’s bialys, Lower East Side

“Casa Adela in the LES. Why? Closer than Puerto Rico. Delicious bacalao in a grandma kitchen atmosphere.”

Casa Adela, Lower East Side

“….I could go on and on. I live to eat :)”

~Agent, Terry Harlow

“Baohaus, 14th and 3rd Ave. It is a unique piece of NY. The owner, Eddie Huang is an American-Taiwanese entrepreneur who thought NY was the best place for his Taiwanese inspired snack shop. It is small sandwiches served on a chinese rice flour bun and you have a couple choices of fillings and toppings (meat, fish, tofu etc.) it also kind of speak to a NY audience cause it is a little whole in the wall place, it has graffiti everywhere, hip hop music blasting. I like it cause it makes me think of the Chinese buns I ate as a child and how his 20th century updates are so delicious.”

Baohaus, East Village

~Agent, Kyle T. Cheng

“Lobster Casserole at El Quijote on West 23rd Street.”

- El Quijote, Chelsea

~Agent, Mark LeCron Wright

Sushi from Kumo Sushi at 282 Bleecker. Very fresh and tasty for really good prices.”

Kumo Sushi, Greenwich Village/West Village

~Agent, William Moye

“The Halal Guys on 53rd & 6th Avenue. It’s wonderfully flavorful, filling, and inexpensive ($7!!) Delicious and affordable!” 

The Halal Guys, Upper West Side

~Agent, Svetlana Choi

I love 1.) cheeses and charcuterie… from Murray’s on Bleecker Street in West Village, 2.) and croissants from Patisserie Claude’s on W. 4th in West Village.”

Murray’s, Patisserie Claude’s, West Village

~Agent, Helen Scott Ching

Saiguette on 106 and Columbus. Haven’t found any better Banh-mi plus you can eat it on the go.”

Saiguette, Upper West Side

~Agent, Constantin “Chris” Hinova


by Guestblogger Holzman Interiors. Holzman Interiors  is a full service interior design firm. From complete home renovations to furniture selection, Holzman Interiors does it all.


Over the past 20 years, the kitchen has started to become more than a place to simply prepare meals.  The kitchen today is seen as the heart of the home, the place where the family gathers and bonds.  What’s central to most new kitchens is the kitchen island.  This design element has emerged in great popularity over the years and is the central place where families congregate.    Although there is no set formula on how to design an island, here are a few guidelines to help you plan yours.

1) Understanding your islands main function is key.  Most islands serve two functions, a place to cook and prepare meals and a side that is devoted to eating.  Others also use the island to do their homework, conduct house projects, entertain etc.

2) Your kitchen island may also be a place where you choose to place certain appliances.  If this is the case, you will need to determine what appliance will be housed in the island.  This will effect the overall design of the island in terms of placement.  For instance, if the main sink were placed there, you may want the dishwasher to also be housed in the island, to make loading easier.  If the island is going to serve as the main space where food prepping will take place, you will want to consider having trash and compost close as well.  If your main cook top is to be placed in the island, you will have to rethink lighting and settle on the type of vent you will need.

island with hood

3) The island can be a great place to hold additional storage.  Generally, you can fit (2) 24 inch base cabinets.  You can also get creative with your storage and have spaces and nooks that serve a specific function such as a spice rack for example.  As for sizing of the island, you can go with a width of 2-3 feet.  If you are wanting to accommodate appliances, then I would suggest going with a width of at least 7 ft.

spice rack

4) Your counter height is determined by your seating height.  If you want to place seating at your island you will need to determine at what height you would like the stools – 36 inches (counter height) or 42 inches high (bar height).  If you choose to go with bar height, your island will have two levels to it.  One for entertaining and another level at 36 inches to serve as a work surface.  As for the seating overhang, you can leave a minimum of 12 inches but should opt for an overhang between 15-18 inches for greater comfort.

counter and bar height

5) Placement of your kitchen island within your kitchen requires you to consider all aspects of how it will be used.  Does the island hinder the work triangle of a cook top, sink and refrigerator?  Is there enough space for seating, that allows at least 3 feet between the island and the wall or counter?  Typically, you will want to have 36 inches of open space on the ends of the islands.  The working sides of the island should have a minimum amount of 42 inches of open space.