Testimonial Time: Minara Lama


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Minara Lama‘s hard work paying off!

I was referred to Minara by a previous agent that I had worked with a couple of years ago. Minara was fantastic to work with from day one. I was looking for a large studio/1Br apartment in the Upper East Side. Previously, I had been looking at no-fee listings but was largely frustrated with the apartments I had seen. Minara took time to fully understand what type of property I was looking for. On our first day of viewing, she selected some great properties. I was quite selective and hesitant into rushing into a decision. Minara understood my position and did not pressure me into applying for properties I was not fully comfortable with. Before the second set of viewings, I had to make a trip to Europe for ten days but I asked Minara to line up some interesting properties upon my return. She hand-picked eight different apartments that were very suitable for what I was looking for. One of the properties (1br e80s and lex) was just available on the market and was exactly the type of apartment I was after. Minara made the application process very easy and handled the bulk of the administrative items. Within one week I was able to make the application, get approved and receive the keys to the new apartment. Overall, I would highly recommend Minara to anyone looking to rent. I was quite apprehensive about moving but she ensured the entire process ran as smoothly as possible.”

~Andy O’Donoghue

Upper East Side. One bedroom, $2,695

What Three Manhattan Apartments Can One Buy With A Pool?

Today sales manager, Stacey Max shows us three 3 Manhattan properties with a pool.

1 Sunny Corner Lofty Junior –  Harlem

Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Approx. Size: 838 sq.ft. (78 sq.mt.)
Price: $999,999
Down payment: 10%


Large Light Filled 1BR Corner UnitUnion Square

Area: Union Square
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Approx. Size: 2,613 sq.ft. (243 sq.mt.)
Price: $1,495,000
Taxes: $761
CC: $750


Beautiful 2BR Apartment With Floor-To-Ceiling WindowsMidtown West 

Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.5
Approx. Size: 1,429 sq.ft. (133 sq.mt.)
Price: $3,518,000

Have questions about these properties, don’t hesitate to email us at ASK@BONDNewYork.com. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out www.bondnewyork.com for all of our listings.

How to Clean Like a New Yorker


You Just Signed A New Lease! Now What?

Clean Your Space Before Moving In For A Fresh Start!

Moving season is both an exciting and stressful time for most. It is hectic to say the least, and after you sign a new lease you probably want to get settled as soon as possible. While you may be anxious to get everything moved in, take a day to clean your empty space and do a complete check to make sure everything is in working order.  It will make for a much more enjoyable apartment in the long run.  Follow these tips below to make your new apartment sparkle.

Work Top to Bottom and Clean Big to Small

  • Make sure everything in the empty apartment is working correctly. Check that your fridge and freezer, your water pressure and all other appliances are fully functional. It is much easier to get your landlord to replace these appliances before you move into the apartment.

Start with The Kitchen And Bathroom- Take Care of Everything Else After

  • Unplug and open your fridge and freezer when you arrive. Let the freezer defrost and you will be able to give both the fridge and freezer a thorough wipe down.
  • Wipe down all the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom before you start unpacking; you may never have a chance to do this again.

Think About Minor Home Improvements Before Moving in Furniture

  • Hanging pictures? Installing track lighting? Painting the walls?
  • Take care of all these home improvements while the space is still empty. All of these projects produce a dust and create unwanted messes. Complete all of your home improvement projects, mop and clean your floors, then move in you furniture.  Doing these projects will not only be easier to complete in an empty space, but will also protect your furniture from unnecessary damages and stains.

Plan Around Extension Cords and Outlets

  • Figure out where you will need extension cords or additional outlets before arranging your furniture. Installing your extension cords and ensuring you have access to all of your power outlets will be much easier before you have furniture in the space.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning your new place needs? Take care of the simple tasks and let MyClean handle the dirty work! Get $49 off your first MyClean appointment with the discount code BOND49. Give us a call at 855-MyClean or visit our site at www.myclean.com. All MyClean cleaners are background checked, professionally trained, bonded and insured, and use all eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We can be there as soon as tomorrow to take care of all your cleaning needs!

Testimonial Time: Kimberly Dillon


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Kimberly Dillon‘s hard work paying off!

Working with Kimberly Dillon made the process of finding an apartment for my son & daughter-in-law very painless. She listens extremely well to a client’s needs, really seems to have a great understanding of her properties along with strong relationships with the building owners. I would give Kimberly a best realtor recommendation since she truly cares about the tenant’s satisfaction.”

~Vince Bowers

Upper East Side. 1BR, $2650

What Three East Village Properties Can I Rent Today?

Today BOND Leasing Manager, Adjina Dekidjiev, shows us shows three properties available in East Village.  

Exposed Brick? Gorgeous Renovation? 2BR? East Village 


Area: East Village
Location: Avenues A/B
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $2,890

2 Bed With Charm East Village

listing # 1

Area: East Village
Location: Avenue A and Av
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Rent: $3,350

Large Sunny 2 BR Completely RenovatedEast Village

listing # 3

Area: East Village
Location: Avenue A and Av
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Rent: $3,600

Have questions about these properties, don’t hesitate to email us at ASK@BONDNewYork.com. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out www.bondnewyork.com for all of our listings.

How to Furnish Your Apartment Like a New Yorker



Founded in 2007 by a trio of French entrepreneurs in Miami,  Modani features a broad collection of styles using clean, minimalist lines, transitional and mid-century modern tones with bold features. Modani has decorated a variety of interiors for well-known entrepreneurs and national celebrities and continues to expand their clients by creating up-to-the-minute designs for the modern furniture world. Modani has a variety of styles, ample stock, fast delivery and white glove service. We talked to a representative of Modani to get some tips on furnishing a new home.

What are some of the most common requests you get from individuals living in apartments in the city?

Common requests are modular pieces and multi-functional furniture pieces such as extendable tables, storage beds, and multi-function coffee tables.

What are some of the biggest challenges you can expect to face when furnishing your apartment?

Having all the pieces merge together, which is never a problem with Modani since all of our collections blend really well together. We offer packages to our clientele to furnish an entire apartment with matching pieces and tones.

What are some tips on how to make an apartment look better?

Less is more! Get a few statement pieces that tell the story and shy away from clutter.

What’s your favorite style for a New York apartment?

The new design trends of mid-century modern looks.

contemporary-living-room modern-bedroom

Testimonial Time: Farbod Ghollami Yarahmadi


We often get letters from happy renters thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a great letter from a renter about agent Farbod Ghollami Yarahmadi’s hard work paying off!

Farbod is a superstar broker, from start to finish he was extremely accommodating and responsive! He was able to assist us with looking at houses, while accommodating our crazy work schedules and going during off hours. Once we found the home we wanted to move forward with, he guided us through the process and was truly there every step of the way. Even after closing he checked in with us to make sure we were settling in, and also assisted us with listing our rental unit. Farbod made our first home purchase an amazing experience! Thanks Farbod!!!”


Bushwick, Brooklyn, Townhouse, $870K

Testimonial Time: Jennifer Rouse


We often get letters from happy clients thanking our BOND team for helping them get a great price on their unit, quickly and efficiently. 

Here is a letter from a buyer about agent Jennifer Rouse‘s hard work paying off!

“Jennifer has a fantastic personality and deep knowledge of the NYC real estate market. She and her team helped me find my apartment, and she stayed in daily contact with me during the contract, interview, and closing process. She was always responsive to my questions and available to discuss my concerns, and really kept the whole process moving with a lot of patience and enthusiasm. She also has a lot of connections with attorneys, mortgage brokers for new buyers. You definitely want an agent like this on your side, especially if you are a first-time buyer in NYC!”


Upper West Side, 1 Br, $545K

And here is another BOND renter! 

Working with Jennifer was amazing! She was very attentive to what I was looking for in an apartment and ended up finding me the perfect place. She is incredibly knowledgable and made the renting process very fast and easy. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and I highly recommend Jennifer as an agent to anyone looking for a new place to live!”

-Megan Hoch

Murray Hill, 1BR, $2150

Agent Poll: What’s the most important accessory that any NYC real estate agent should have?

With over 500 agents in 7 offices, there is little our BONDies don’t have an opinion about. Check out their most important accessory that any NYC real estate agent should have!


“A pen to sign the exclusive. Nothing worse than fumbling for a pen when you need it.”

~Agent, Mark Benson

A Smartphone because you need to have access to your email and the internet at all times.”

~Agent, Laredo Regular

A mobile phone with unlimited data, text and talk plan. Without these simple things your business will be nonexistent. We check our emails all day and 2gs a month just won’t cut it!”

~Agent, Sandra Dor

“For me it has been living for a long time in a high-rise building where you have many elevator friends that eventually turn into clients when they decide to sell. For marketing, the Just Listed and Just Sold postcards generated one or two new exclusives per mailing.”

~Agent, Larry Dusseau

“A laser measuring tape. 

Will this fit a Full or Queen?
Will my 8×10 rug fit in this room?
How tall are these ceilings?
How many chairs fit at the breakfast bar?
How long is the bathtub?
This is an eat-in Kitchen?
Empty rooms shrink perception. Furnished rooms go either way. Laser tape measures are fast and help address objections on the spot!


~Agent, Fern Gartenhaus

Shoe inserts! Health and comfort must come first in order to be successful!”

~Agent, Helen Maros

Integrity. Many agents write fake ads and lie to get people in their office. Having integrity sets yourself apart and encourages repeat business and referrals.

~Agent, Michael Chadwick

A genuine smile. It makes everyone instantly feel comfortable–including yourself.”

~Agent, Jeanine LeNy

Any good real estate agent in NYC should have a real working knowledge of the neighborhoods they work in and what makes those neighborhoods special.  It’s understandable that ANYONE can get lost walking through the West Village, (I was born there and it happens to me all of the time) but a good agent should at least be aware of a great supermarket, or a good grocery store, or maybe the BEST Chinese restaurant in the area.  If you do not have a working vocabulary of the neighborhoods in the city, you should learn about them.  Keep in mind that a monkey can unlock an apartment door as good as anyone and besides, and one day they will probably have an app for that!”

~Agent, Janine Young


What Three FiDi Properties Can I Buy Today?

Today sales manager, Stacey Max, shows us what three FiDi properties we can buy today.


Spacious Studio with lots of light! – Financial District


Type: Condo
Bedrooms: LOFT
Bathrooms: 1
Approx. Size:
518 sq.ft. (48 sq.mt.)
Price: $619,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 510
CC: $ 627
Down payment: 10%


Sharp One Bedroom Condo – Financial District


Area: Financial District
Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Rooms: 3
Approx. Size:
772 sq.ft. (72 sq.mt.)
Price: $975,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 129
CC: $ 1,004

Dazzling Light and Bewitching Water Views! – Financial District 


Area: Financial District
Type: Condo
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Rooms: 6
Approx. Size:
2,613 sq.ft. (243 sq.mt.)
Price: $3,750,000
Percent Deductible: 0%
Taxes: $ 2,100
CC: $ 3,748
Down payment: 20%